Top management
Alexey Gavrilov Director of Global Trade and Development Division
Alexey Gavrilov joined EFKO in 2006. In November 2016, he was appointed Director of EFKO’s Global Trade and Development Division. In 2006–2016, Mr Gavrilov was the Group’s CFO. During this period, EFKO made it to Forbes’ Top 100 companies, with the Group’s revenue soaring more than tenfold – from RUB 8 bn to RUB 81.6 bn. 

In 1996–2006, he worked in corporate audit and international finance in leading FMCG companies: managing company of Interbrew in Belgium, Carrefour's central treasury, managing company of Philip Morris International in Switzerland, and Arthur Andersen.  

Graduated from the Economics Department of the Voronezh State University and the International Management Programme of Sciences Po (Paris).