More than 130 new workplaces were created on "EFKO Cosmetic" and a salary was increased

31 August 2016

More than 130 new workplaces were created on "EFKO Cosmetic" and a salary was increased

August 31, 2016, Voronezh, Russia – LLC "EFKO Cosmetic" (part of EFKO Group) announces the salary increase to all the plant’s employees, so the average salary in the company reaches 26.9 thousand rubles. At the same time due to the production’s expansion and modernization in less than two years of work at the plant has been created 137 new workplaces.

EFKO Group is one of the most dynamically developing Russian companies. Since 2014 LLC "EFKO Cosmetic" (part of EFKO Group) realizes in Khokholsky district of Voronezh region the project of creating a unique oleochemical cluster, which includes modernization and expansion of the plant’s production capacity, a new construction, a re-tooling with the newest European equipment and the creation of the first in the Black Earth Region Center for Applied Research of soap products and production of a wide range of oleochemical industry products on innovative recipes.

efko_hohol_vrn.jpgIn view of the production’s expansion and increasing of production’s utilization over the past two years, 137 new workplaces were created on the plant, 82 additional vacancies were opened in 2016, and the total number of enterprise’s employees exceeded 380 people.

At the same time a providing of comfortable working conditions and a decent standard of its compensation is a priority of EFKO’s social policy. So, in August 2016 by the company's management made the decision to raise wages for all categories of workers and, above all, the main production staff. Now the average salary at the plant in Khokholsky district is 26.9 thousand rubles.

At the same time the executive director of LLC "EFKO Cosmetic" Alexey Shlikov notes that young employees who are ready to develop themselves and take responsibility, on EFKO’s enterprises will find the widest career prospects, and the level of compensation exceeds the average considerably.

"Under the design work, such as construction or equipment installation, line’s start-up, these employees can earn bonuses several times higher than the salaries and get an increase in pay of 50, 100 and more thousand rubles. By 2020, we plan to increase production volumes at 5.8 times, so the work will be a lot for all. Now they have a unique "window of opportunity" to join in our project and in a few years to grow from an ordinary position to the position of Director of Production or Division. Moreover, 95 % of the managers started to work in "EFKO" this way, and I’m no exception", – he adds.

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