A contest on professional skills «The best maintenance technician» took place in EFKO Group

28 March 2019

A contest on professional skills «The best maintenance technician» took place in EFKO Group

28 March 2019, Belgorod region, Russia – an annual contest on professional skills «The best maintenance technician» took place on the base of EFKO Group’s educational center in Alexeevka. This year employees from 10 company’s divisions have participated in it.

The profession of a technician was born in XV century. When people began to invent simple machines it became necessary to have specialists in building, maintenance and repair. The first reference to this profession was in 1463 in a Viennese archive. One of the largest fitting shops appeared in 1545 in Europe.

мав.pngToday there are no large enterprises without such specialists. An uninterrupted work of all machines and output of products of corresponding quality depend on maintenance technicians.

EFKO Group appreciates high-class specialists. To determine the level of qualification of its employees and identify talented ones the company organizes contests on professional skills.

This year the annual contest on the best maintenance technician has been organized again. Traditionally the contest program included several stages: the participants had to show their theoretical knowledge, practical skills and creative approach to tasks solving. The theoretical part included 30 questions according to the specialty of different complication level. In the second – practical part – the contestants had to make technical measurements and a drawing of a part, disassemble and assemble a gearbox and produce a part following the draft.

According to Marina Kibalnikova, a director of EFKO Group’s Educational center, a maintenance technician is one of the most needed labor occupations, especially at EFKO Group’s production areas. «It is impossible to mention all activities that a maintenance technician does. This is a creative job. He identifies defects, disassembles, repairs, assembles different units and machines. Moreover, many have talent to invent new machines. Therefore a true professional has to possess much knowledge and many skills while a contest on professional skills is an excellent reason to confirm and upgrade the qualification», - she noted.

During task solving the contest committee was estimating the level of professional skills, compliance with given parameters of technological process, efficiency of equipment using, following of labor protection requirements, safety measures, industrial health and work hygiene.

The results of the contest «The best maintenance technician» of EFKO Group are the following:

1 place – Alexander Kantochkin, EFKO OJSC, Moscow office;

2 place – Alexey Rubankin, «ASC» LLC;

3 place – Vladimir Grebenyuk, EFKO OJSC, Alexeevka office.

Traditionally the winners got certificates and cash bonuses.

Besides, the company’s employees participated actively in the nomination «Creative work» that permitted them to demonstrate their creativity and talents.

The jury chose the works of the following participants:

1 place – Petr Shestopalov, EFKO OJSC, and Nikolay Pankov, «Evdakovo» LLC;

2 place – Vladimir Grebenyuk, EFKO OJSC, Alexeevka office;

3 place – Sergey Bashlay, «Elevator» JSC.

The winners of the creative nomination got certificates and cash bonuses.

The results of the contest showed that EFKO employees are keen on their profession and constantly move forward.

The company is growing quickly, developing its production areas and creating new products for the market. Behind these achievements there is a hard work and professionalism of its employees. For many years EFKO Group has been distinguished by its competent HR-policy that provides not only a competitive wage level but also an opportunity to improve knowledge and skills of the workers.

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