Pupils from Alexeevka visited R&D center of «EFKO Food Ingredients» LLC

19 April 2019

Pupils from Alexeevka visited R&D center of «EFKO Food Ingredients» LLC

19 April 2019, Alexeevka, Russia – Ninth graders from the school №5 visited Center of applied researches and workshop of pilot installations, where specialists of the company develop and test Fat&Oil products, and participated in degustation of confectionary products: chocolate sweets, biscuits, cupcakes made with specialized fats and margarines produced by EFKO Group.

ЦПИ и ЦПУ экскурсия 2.jpgTraditional professionally orientated excursions of EFKO Group let students and pupils personally get acquainted with the work of productions and basic principles of different types of professions. This time guests visited R&D center of specialized fats and margarines production plant where they saw how Fat&Oil ingredients were developed and introduced to the production.

The excursion began with presentation of workshop of pilot installations, where company’s specialists develop and test new types of specialized fats and margarines. Equipment of the workshop is similar to production lines of the plant – it lets fully recreate technological process, test new types of fats, correct their recipes and produce unique, developed for production of a particular partner assortment of food ingredients.

Sergey Ulichny, equipment engineer of EFKO Group, told visitors about technological equipment of the research center and its facilities.

«Since the launch of Fat&Oil production we have put a lot of efforts to provide high and stable quality and safety of our products. We are the only national producer that managed to assimilate the most eco-friendly method of vegetable oils processing – «dry» fractioning», - Sergey Ulichny noted.

Acquaintance with EFKO R&D center continued in a tasting room where organoleptic estimation of quality of oils and fats is realized. Company’s specialists follow carefully quality indicators of products at all production stages. Before dispatching of each party they take samples to taste them. In such a manner, they avoid sending of low-quality ingredients.

«It’s hard to believe that in our native town – Alexeevka – there is a production of such a level. It was interesting to know that EFKO uses at its plant unique for our country technologies and equipment», - Yuliya Kolesnikova, pupil from the school №5, - shared her impressions.

ЦПИ и ЦПУ экскурсия 1.jpgThe second part of the excursion included visiting of Center of applied researches where company’s specialists study consumer properties of fats and margarines, develop exclusive recipes, new tastes and technologies of production of confectionary, baking and other products. Guests were interested not only in technical equipment of the Center but also in examples of the work of EFKO technologists – chocolate sculptures, hand-made sweets and other products.

«Our specialists not only recreate production processes but also engage in creative activities, for example, chocolate sculptures making. They achieve such a level of excellence thanks to regular participation in quality-upgrading courses, workshops from famous confectioners and chocolatiers in Russia and abroad», - Tatyana Ponomar, chief of EFKO Group’s Center of applied researches, told.

In the end of the visit guests tasted confectionary products on the base of EFKO Fat&Oil ingredients – different types of chocolate sweets, biscuits, cupcakes with cream and other products. Visitors thanked the Group for its hospitality, interesting excursion and promised to come back to the production area in the role of interns.

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