Sosnitskiy Alexey

Deputy of Technical Director of Core Production, 27 years old

Graduated from Belgorod State Technical University n.a. Shukhov, analytics faculty.
Qualification – Heat Technology Energetics.

EFKO career:

2013 – 2015: Maintenance Foreman of JSC "EFKO";
2015 – to date: Deputy of Technical Director of Core Production.


Probably, I decided that I will work in plant when I was a child. I watched how my father worked, how long way he made – from a simple electrician to the main power engineer, I thought, I can become like him. I graduated from BSTU n.a. Shukhov, and when I just started to work with my father, the plant went bankruptcy and we ended up in the street. I went to EFKO when I understood how it’s to be unemployed. I studied in the training centre, met the site representative and I had a feeling that I am appreciated, and what is important – people here won’t deceive me. And in EFKO I understood what a stability means: that a stable salary, stable development exist, and the most important is that the management stands by the words. Every engineering speciality means consistent studying directly in the plant, where the equipment and processes are not from the Soviet days, but modern – it’s difficult, but interesting. I started my career as a maintenance foreman, learned all the production technology, contacted with people, and I can say honestly, that the knowledge I have now – 40 % of them I got in university, and the main part – in EFKO. Now I’m working as a Deputy of Technical Director of Core Production – it’s a responsible job, but there are many possibilities to growth. When you study new technologies, you can touch everything with your hands, get outside the problems, and participate in production processes instead of paper work. I came to  EFKO for this.

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