Ryzhkov Pavel

Deputy of Technical Director on Automatics, 33 years old

Graduated from Belgorod State Technical University n.a. Shukhov.
Qualification – Technological Processes and Production Automation.

EFKO career:

2006-2007: Mechanic of Instrumentation;
2007 – 2015: Engineer of Automated Management System of Technological Process;
2015-2016: Automation Deputy Director;

2016 – to date: Automation Deputy Technical Director.


After graduation, I had to work in many places, to get some experience, and when I came to EFKO, I thought that I found my home. My parents also worked here and I only walked and looked at what my father did, to understand how and what for he does it. When I was in interview with the Head of Instrumentation Service, I wondered that they allowed me, with the diploma of higher education, the position of mechanic, but now I understand that an engineer can’t be a theoretician – you need to work with your hands, only then you can say that you understand the process. Moreover, while I was a worker, participated in a construction of new plants and in modernization of production facilities, I had the opportunity to express myself, for this I was promoted to the engineer. I love a balance in my job – you can work with the technics and communicate with people, it’s not possible to be bored. And the fact that the company is constantly growing, sets new goals, opens the new production directions is very appealing. While I’m working here I managed to work in the yogurt production workshop, in a construction of the grain terminal in Taman. We also opened a new production facility there – I managed to learn many things in each plant. I was making a scientific, commissioning, and mounting works – if you have a desire, you can always find the interesting project, which will have been your work for a long time.

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