In the Center for Applied Research technologists engaged in the study of consumer properties of fats in the finished products of our customers. The Center is developing exclusive recipes of confectionery and bakery products, milk-containing products. Our technologists take inspiration not only in laboratories, but also in interesting trips to different countries, studying the traditions and peculiarities of national cuisines of Italy, Germany, Denmark, France, Singapore, China and Iran.

On the basis of the Center for Applied Research the scientific seminars are regularly held, where EFKO experts share their knowledge with the  partners. Equipment of the Center is a copy of the production lines of bakery and confectionery companies, factories for the production of milk-containing products. This allows in a smaller scale to recreate all the basic technological operations. The seminar participants are acquainted with the latest specialized  fats, get a complete picture of their productions, and are directly involved in the production and taste prototypes of the final products. New developments of the Center for Applied Research are offered to clients, ideas for design, technological service adaptation of these recipes in manufacturing.
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