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30 April 2019, Russia – EFKO Group and Fond of innovations promoting started a common contest «UMNIK-EFKO». The contest aims at supporting of projects of young scientists in biotechnologies for enterprises of agro-industrial complex (AIC).
20 April 2019, Voronezh, Russia – A large forum for chemists, biotechnologists and geneticists «OpenBioTech» took place in the capital of Chernozemie. It is the first project that joined science popularizers, top managers of different companies and young specialists of knowledge-intensive technologies. The forum was initiated by Scientific and educational center «Biruch» and R&D center of EFKO Group.
18 April 2019, Voronezh – Innovation center «Biruch», R&D center of EFKO Group, will organize a large-scale forum «OpenBioTech» for specialists of chemistry, biotechnology and genetics. The start of the forum will be 20-21 April 2019 in conference halls of the hotel «Degas».
11 April 2019, Russia – To support milk productivity different feed additives are introduced to nutrition of cattle. Existing additives at Russian market from countries of Southeast Asia can’t supply necessary fatty acids therefore there is a misbalance in metabolism. European compounds are of better quality but they are expensive and cattle breeders can’t introduce them to nutrition of animals.