26 August 2016

EFKO Group and RVC launched a development program for entrepreneurs in the field of Agrobiotechnology

26 August 2016, Russia – EFKO Group and JSC "RVC" in the industrial corporative start-up accelerator AgroBioTech&Food GenerationS-2016 announced the launch of free business development program for young companies that are engaged in the development of Agrobiotechnology and in new food production technologies. The program will take place at the Kuban State Technological University.

"In today's world in many respects the company's leadership in the market is determined by the quality of its human capital and how quickly the company can change and adapt to new conditions. As part of EFKO Group and the Innovation Center "Biruch – NT" we actively support the start-up movement and are ready to provide young entrepreneurs the support, expertise, a platform for industrial testing and other conditions for the development of their potential" – says Tatiana Sanina, CEO of Innovation center "Biruch – NT» (R&D center of EFKO Group).

Accelerator AgroBioTech&Food Technological will help start-ups in a short time to scale business. And:

• to get support and large orders from the Russian agroindustrial holdings, including the largest holding company in the Fat&Oil market – EFKO Group;
• to attract business mentors from leading market experts, including representatives of foreign agribusiness corporations;
• to develop relationships with investors and business angels from RVC partners network and be able to select an investor in the Russian and foreign markets, to attract investments for the further development of technology and the launch of series production;
• to receive grants and subsidies for the development and scaling of project from the organizers and partners of the project;
• to turn their project in a FoodNet roadmap market of National Technology Initiative.

According to Gulnara Bikkulova, Deputy General Director – Director for Development in RVC and ideologist of GenerationS, accelerator AgroBioTech&Food was created based on the needs of entrepreneurs working in the field of agriculture and food industry, and provides an opportunity for a short time to bring project to a new level. "Technological startups that will participate in the accelerator will be able to work in close collaboration with the corporate track partner – EFKO Group. Also, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get access to a broad partner of RVC network, consisting of private and public investment funds, development institutions, industry experts, representatives of the business community and, of course, the largest holdings, which may become consumers of new high-tech products and development", – she notes.

"The purpose of the accelerator AgroBioTech&Food – search and growing competitive Russian developments. We are looking for projects that work in a wide range of areas – improving the efficiency of agriculture, the creation of "new food", the development of biotechnology for the processing of low-value raw materials and waste to create new products and ingredients, modern breeding, precision farming, custom production and delivery of food, and others. In addition, we focus on the search for projects that could be included in the road FoodNet market map of National Technology Initiative", – says Elena Levina, head of AgroBioTech&Food federal accelerator GenerationS-2016, winner of GenerationS-2014 accelerator in the branch of clean technologies.

Accelerator AgroBioTech&Food takes projects in all fields related to technologies of improvement the agriculture efficiency and food production:

• development of biotechnologies of agricultural waste, fat and dairy industries convertation into valuable products;
• development of biotechnology food ingredients and additives synthesis;
• manufacture of biological products for the livestock and crop production;
• rapid tests for microbiological analysis of raw materials, semi- and finished products in the production;
• solutions in the field of personalized production and delivery of food;
• efficient technology for organic farming;
• technologies and solutions in the field of precision agriculture;
• genomics of crop plants and animals;
• technology of automation and robotization of technological processes in agriculture;
• the use of alternative protein sources in agriculture and food industry.

To apply for participation until October 15, 2016 on the website http://generation-startup.ru/register.

At the end of the canvass by the expert Committee, consisting of industry experts, investors, mentors, representatives of development institutions, will be selected to participate in the AgroBioTech&Food about 10 or 20 the most powerful projects. Participation in acceleration educational program (trainings and events), business trips and visits to the facilities to potential corporate customers organizers fully cover.

Acceleration programs will be held from 22 November 2016 to 28 February 2017.

The track winners will receive a certificate for participation in seminars in one of the best educational Russian  centers – School of management "Biruch", certificates for consulting services (market analysis, calculation of financial indicators of the project, marketing research, etc.), access to the unique research equipment of the Innovation center "Biruch – NT" and the possibility of introducing the technology in real production companies, and 1 million rubles.

In addition, the team will have the chance to take part in the Grand final of GenerationS and compete for the prize Fund in the amount of 15 000 000 rubles.

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