2 February 2017

The program of business development for the best agrotechnological Russian start-ups has started on the base of EFKO

2 February 2017, Belgorod region, Russia – On 31 January in Belgorod region on the base of EFKO Group, the largest Fat&Oil holding in Russia and the leading food producer, started the live program of business development for the best 10 agrotechnological start-ups in Russia. The project is realized under the track AgroBioTech&Food of the federal accelerator of the technological start-ups GenerationS (RVC).

In the first day of the program the participants became acquainted with a methodology of a corporative accelerator, showed briefly the presentations of their projects, and took part in the panel discussion “Prospectives of development of agricultural and biotechnological fields in Russia”, under which they discussed the main field’s trends: a deep raw processing, accomplishment of a food security doctrine and an import substitution.

Tatiana Sanina, CEO of Innovation Center “Biruch – NT” (R&D center of EFKO Group): “Investment in agriculture are the billion markets with a huge potential for an import substitution. However, today as opposed to IT and telecommunication, the start-up and investment cultures in the Russian agrobiotechnology are still at a fledging stage of development. It’s good that in the last two years there was a big progress in this field, and we as a company of a real economy sector are focused on a comprehensive assistance in development of an innovation ecosystem of the country.”

One more interesting topic for discussion was a cooperation of Russian fundamental science with the investors and other parties of business processes in the country.

Sergey Vasiliev, executive partner of venture fund Starta Capital: “If we look at the Russian agriculture from an investor’s viewpoint, we’ll see that there is still no organized ecosystem. It is a big way from the seed investment to the corporation. We need to increase a start-ups’ level in order to invest in the innovation projects. The seed investor can’t control the project in every stage of its functioning, the start-up should be carefully prepared in such a way for be able to catch the interest of American investor, not only Russian. The accelerator program AgroBioTech&Food is a mutual movement of fundamental science and business. The start-ups have a great chance to collect information from both sides and to adjust cooperation.”

“The goal of program’s participants is not only to listen the interesting lectures, but also to apply this knowledge to their projects,” – said Tatiana Sanina. “Under the two-week intensive course the finalists can revise their projects, discuss the different questions with the invited experts and employees of our company for making their ideas to reach a new level of development and become a real business.”

Apart from the lectures, the track participants will visit EFKO plants in Alekseevka, which are now in the list of the up-to-date industrial Fat&Oil bases in Eastern Europe.

The second stage of the acceleration program will be held in Kuban State Technological University, the track’s operator. After preparation, the projects will meet the venture funds’ and the large companies’ representatives. The winners will get the investment and grants for a development and scaling of their projects and 1 mln rubles money prize.

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