13 December 2018

EFKO Group became a partner of the «Retail Tech» track of the largest hackathon in Russia «Urban.Tech Challenge»

13 December 2018, Moscow, Russia – EFKO Group, one of the largest food products producers in Russia, became a partner of the «Retail Tech» track with a task to create a chat-bot for monitoring of imperfections of products order on supermarkets’ shelves. The final of the largest hackathon in Russia «UrbanTech Challenge» took place in Moscow «Digital Business Space» and became the main IT-even of the December.

XAzIj8rkn1M (1).jpg«Urban.Tech Challenge» is a competition in the format of hackathon for developers, designers and project managers aimed at searching of digital solutions for technological companies.

In December developers, including members of teams of technological startups, from over 45 cities during 70 hours had to develop prototypes in accordance with 9 contest tasks from Moscow Government and the company.

EFKO Group became a partner of the «Retail Tech» track aimed at creating of systems of territorial analysis and integration of models of common consumption in retailing.

At the moment, EFKO is already working on a big cluster of innovation projects in IT-sector. These projects are related not only to management companies but also to Group’s business across Russia in general.

Company’s IT-department is in charge of support of 300 databases and over 5500 users, work of over 100 servers, realization of over 60 projects on automating and develops software for realization of ambitions plans of the company at 6 production areas in Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Sergey Fedosov, chief of IT-department, noted in his report: «Our company always searches new drivers of growing, is interested in supporting of talented specialists and ready to give them unique opportunities for self-realization as developers of new technologies and innovation projects in IT-sector. Therefore, it’s possible that for participants of the «Retail Tech» track this project will become a starting point for career in EFKO Group».

The company set young developer a task to create a chat-bot for monitoring of imperfections of products order on supermarkets’ shelves.

The subject turn out to be one of the topic. There is a growing number of FMCG companies paying greater attention to quality of products order on shelves. For this most retailers develop special merchandising standards typical for different commercial networks. The problem of «imperfect» products order on shelves requires urgent actions of managers. Exactly chat-bot with an opportunity of operative sending of information about visual standards is intended to solve this problem.

036A4192_1.jpgAccording to the jury, young developers showed excellently their professional skills and abilities of team working. «Dtgpstp» team became a finalist of the hackathon in «Retail Tech» sector. It got one of the main prizes – 100 000 rubles and an opportunity to realize the project together with EFKO Group.

However, «Urban.Tech Challenge» didn’t include only serious tasks.

«Sloboda» - leading EFKO Group’s brand, under which it produces a wide assortment of natural high quality products: oils, mayonnaises, ketchups and others, - became a tasty partner of the event. Participants of the tracks could taste yogurts and shared their emotions in a thematic photo-zone.

The end of the hackathon was impressive – 1711 requests, 117 selected teams and only 9 finalists who represented their developments to the partner companies. «Urban.Tech Challenge» managed to join at the same place people who see the future in technologies. EFKO Group plans to continue supporting of hackathons directed to creation of new digital services and products for increasing of urban environments quality.

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