2 July 2019

«Center of cell technologies Biruch» got a license to practice medical activity

2 July 2019, Russia, Belgorod region – «CCT Biruch» passed all necessary stages of licensing according to the Russian Federation legislation, medical and sanitary requirements and offers a new service to store stem cells of newborn babies.

Центр клеточных технологий Бирюч 2.JPGNowadays stem cells are raw materials for body tissues formation – other cells with more specific functions are developed from such cells. Recently, scientists have been interested in studying of prospects to cure some diseases by means of stem cells.

Exactly this method of medical treatment is recommended to the patients with spinal cord injuries, type 1 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, heart diseases, burns, cancers, osteoarthritis and other identical diseases.

Researchers in Russia and in the world continue to improve knowledge about stem cells and their application – they are supported by private licensed biobanks that store umbilical blood of newborns with a high content of stem cells for their further transplantation in case of necessity.

Центр клеточных технологий Бирюч 1.JPGHowever, to use these stem cells in the future, it is necessary to preserve them somehow – to that end umbilical blood concentrate is being frozen by means of liquid nitrogen to the temperature of 196°C. Such methodology permits maintain the cells viable during over the decades. For example, if we take stem cells of a newborn, they will be the same even in 40 years.

Personal storage of stem cells includes signing of an agreement between the mother of a newborn, whose umbilical blood is taken, and the biobank for an indefinite period with a remark that when the child reaches the age of 18, these stored cells will become his property. Such opportunity to store stem cells in biobank permits reduce the time for searching of a donor and accelerate the process of treatment of mentioned above diseases. So-called «register» storage of stem cells means their voluntary donation to a biobank with further usage for transplantation to those who may need it regardless of a connection with the donor.

Центр клеточных технологий Бирюч 4.jpgCenter of cell technologies has been built in accordance with the strictest world standards of quality and safety GMP. Here, in conditions of absolute sterility, specialists extract concentrate of HSC (hematopoietic stem cells). They also study the blood to determine its group, Rh factor and presence of infections in it. At the moment, in the Center there are young and experienced specialists gathered in a team from all over the world. Investments to this project of EFKO Group amount to over 100 mn rubles.

In such a manner, availability of the licensed biobank in Belgorod region will let many patients receive live-saving cells for transplantation as soon as possible, while scientists will obtain an opportunity to study in more detail methods and technics of disease treatment by means of stem cells.

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