LLC "Food ingredients" assemble ecology’s working group

4 April 2014

LLC "Food ingredients" assemble ecology’s working group

4 April 2014, Volna village, Krasnodar krai, Russia – In 7 April 2014 at 15:30 on "Food ingredients" (part of EFKO Group) will be held the meeting of the working group "Ecology control".

efko_port_taman.jpgManaging Director of the branch of SC «EFKO Group» in the Taman seaport Sergey Panov, the representatives of the company "Food Ingredients", representatives of the Temryuk district’s administration, Taman rural settlement, the Russian public organization "Green Patrol" and local environmental organizations will attend the meeting.

The working group participants will discuss the results of cooperation of the company "Food Ingredients" and the society for the last 6 months, the current ecological status of the production site, will listen reports on the activities carried out by the company to minimize the impact on the environment, the use of resource conservation technologies and rational use of natural resources.

EFKO Group implements a complex approach to an ecological responsibility, so as all the Group’s assets the work of LLC "Food ingredients" meets the highest environment protection standards. The company's factory is working on zero-discharge technology, which eliminates the ingress of waste products into the environment. The water used in the production, takes about ten purification steps, including using special bacteria.

The company continues to conduct regular environmental monitoring of the water area, ща the sanitary protection zone borders, of the waste sources.

In addition, each year the company allocates significant funds for production’s modernization and introduction of innovative environmentally friendly technologies, which allows the plant LLC "Food ingredients" to be the most modern production of Fat&Oil products in Eastern Europe. The company also directs significant efforts to find environmentally sound ways of products’ transportation, conducting staff training on environmental issues, standardization in the environmental protection field and implements social projects to promote the idea of caring for the environment among the younger generation of Taman residents.

Over the last 6 months LLC "Food Ingredients" has already sent to the implementation of environmental measures more than 24 million rubles.

The working group on environmental issues "Environmental control" was created by LLC "Food Ingredients" in August 2013 in order to implement the policy of openness in the environmental field and the desire to maintain an open dialogue with all stakeholders on issues related to the environmental aspects of industrial activity in the region. In October 2013, between the company and representatives of the authorities and the society of the Taman Peninsula was signed a Memorandum of environmental safety cooperation. Meetings of the working group are held twice a year.

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