Volunteers of LLC "Food Ingredients" took part in All-Russian Saturday work "Green Russia"

3 September 2014

Volunteers of LLC "Food Ingredients" took part in All-Russian Saturday work "Green Russia"

3 September 2014, Taman, Russia – The volunteers of the "New Horizons" project, implemented by LLC "Food Ingredients" (part of EFKO Group) on the territory of Krasnodar krai, took part in the "Green Taman" movement, organized under the All-Russian Saturday work "Green Russia".

30 August, as well as many socially responsible Russian citizens, the volunteers of the youth movement "New Horizons", implemented in the Krasnodar krai by company "Food Ingredients", came out to support the initiative of the Government of the Russian Federation to conduct the action "Russian ecological Saturday work – Green Russia".

For cleaning, the guys chose Taman beach, and the territory and surroundings of the equestrian village school, which the company had previously provided sponsorship. Within a few hours, volunteers collected plastic and glass bottles, bags, disposable tableware – all have been collected 15 bags of litter.

This is not the first campaign in which volunteers of "Food Ingredients" are involved. During the project there have been implemented over 50 measures aimed at promoting the idea of environmental protection, grant assistance for older people and promoting patriotism.

According to the project participants, such actions as the "Green Russia" not only help to make homeland cleaner and more beautiful, but also make themselves take good care of other people's work and try to keep it clean and tidy.

The initiative "Green Russia" held in Russia for the second time. In total this year, "Russian ecological Saturday work – Green Russia" brought together more than 4 million people, which is an absolute record of people participation in environmental campaigns in the history of post-Soviet Russia.

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