Court denied «engaged fake-ecologist» Golovin S.V. satisfy the claim toward Food Ingredients LLC

8 October 2015

Court denied «engaged fake-ecologist» Golovin S.V. satisfy the claim toward Food Ingredients LLC

8 October 2015, Russia – Temryuk regional court of Krasnodar region denied the claim of Golovin S.V. toward Food Ingredients LLC (a part of EFKO Group) for suspension of the enterprise’s activity.

Since 2011 Novorossiysk resident Segrey Golovin living 140 km from Volna village - where Food Ingredients LLC locates - regularly has prepared publications and claims toward the companies that form part of EFKO Group.

В-(14).jpgAccording to the last claim Golovin S.V. demanded suspension of activity of Food Ingredients LLC until receiving of the positive conclusion from the state ecological examination of project documentation in terms of disappearance from the sea of mussels and rapanas by the fault of the respondent.

7 October 2015 Temryuk regional court of Krasnodar region after examination of the circumstances of the case, explanations and documents of the respondent and taking into account that the complainant didn’t have arguments and confirming documents, denied the claim of Golovin S.V. toward Food Ingredients LLC.

In 2008 Food Ingredients LLC got a positive conclusion form the state ecological examination of materials of the project «Production-transshipment complex Food Ingredients LLC in Volna village, Temryuksky district, Krasnodar region». In accordance with the Federal Law from 10 January 2002 №7 – «On protection of the environment», the Federal Law from 27 November 1995 №174 – «On ecological examination» paragraph 13 of the Russian Federation Government Decree from 5 March 2007 №2145 of the «Regulation on organizing and holding of the state examination of project documentation and results of the engineering surveys» and the Urban Planning Code, the state ecological examination is required on the stage of decision making for realization of the ecological examination object.

The Russian Federation Ministry of natural resources and ecology upon the request of Food Ingredients LLC explained that repeated state ecological examination isn’t necessary. The Ministry gave additional explanations in the letter from 08 April 2015 №12-50/222349-05 (a copy was given to the court).

Today Food Ingredients LLC is one of the most modern Fat&Oil products productions in the East Europe, possesses the newest European equipment and follows the technology of zero discharge that fully excludes emission to the environment.

The company realizes all necessary nature-protection events, quarterly controls influence on the environment, possesses all the necessary documentation related to the sanitary-protection zone, maximum allowed emissions to the atmosphere confirmed with passports and limits for production activity waste.

At the moment, there is no administrative proceeding related to the violation of the nature-protection laws.

Realizing the policy of openness, under the guidance of EFKO Group twice a year there are meetings of the working group at the plant with participation of representatives of Taman and Novotaman village settlements administration, Temryuk district, deputy corps of Taman peninsula, professional local and authoritative All-Russian public ecological organizations like, for example, «Green patrol».

Therefore, Mr. Golovin initiated this claim only to promote himself and to cause damage to EFKO Group’s business reputation setting it as ecological criminal.

According to the accessible information from the open sources, Mr. Golovin doesn’t have ecological education and was discharged from employment several times from different municipal establishments of Novorossiysk for the following reason: «unable to perform his job duties».

It should be noted that source of financing for Mr. Golovin’s significant court procedures expenses and work of Moscow lawyers is unknown.

These are reasons to believe that Mr. Golovin can be an «engaged fake-ecologist» whose activity, according to the information of several mass medias, is paid by Kaliningrad corporation «SOYUZ».

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