Position of EFKO company in relation to the program «Special correspondent» and film of Arkady Mamontov «Palm shores 2»

31 May 2017

Position of EFKO company in relation to the program «Special correspondent» and film of Arkady Mamontov «Palm shores 2»

29 May 2017 a program «Special correspondent» and a film of Arkady Mamontov «Palm shores 2» came out on the Channel Russia One. Given information and comments of the author about EFKO Group’s activity don’t correspond to the reality.

The plot of the program repeats information from other programs of Mamontov «Palm shores 1» and «Be careful! Food» for 70%. The Public Board for Press Complains by the Journalists Union declared that the last one misleads televiewers and is directed to discredit vegetable fats producers. (http://www.efko.ru/press-centr/smi/15640/?sphrase_id=122111).

In this context we consider it essential for us to express our opinion towards this program and given information.

EFKO company remains strongly against production of any falsification in all industrial branches and supports offers to upgrade a punishment for this type of activity.

Moreover, our company produces products that correspond to requirements of the Technical regulation TP TC 024/2011 «Technical regulation on Fat&Oil products» and the Technical regulation TP TC 021/2011 «On food products safety». It meets not only the Russian but also the world quality standards and geography of our sales including more than 10 countries of the world confirms it.

We are deeply convinced that products made in accordance with requirements of the Technical regulation and with application of vegetable fats (which include palm oil) are not only safe but also good for health.

Unfortunately, because of one-side presentation in mass media of the topic on fighting with falsification palm oil obtained negative connotations. It should be noted that during a direct line the Russian Federation president made a full stop in this issue telling that palm oil doesn’t cause any damage to health and all scare stories related to it are exaggeration.

EFKO Group is a large Russian company that acts in accordance with Russian Federation laws and regulations and work of our enterprises corresponds to the strongest requirements of the international standards (http://www.efko.ru/o-kompanii/biznes-struktura/317/).

We follow all rules for food loads transportation - that is confirmed by Russian Federation Prosecutor’s Office - purchase oils of eating quality for production and make products that correspond to all requirements of the Technical regulation.

Our plant Food Ingredients LLC works in a strong accordance with Russian Federation laws and international and world standards. According to the federal law «On state ecological examination» №174-ФЗ, the company possesses with a positive conclusion of the state ecological examination. Two independent conclusions from the Department of state politics and regulation in environment protection sector of the Russian Federation Ministry of natural resources and ecology and the Federal Service for supervision in environmental management sector (Rosprirodnadzor) confirm that repeated examination would be redundant.

28.02.2017 Krasnodar regional court passed an appellate decision on suspension of Food Ingredients LLC’s business activity related to cargo transshipment in internal of the seaport Taman but the plant has never dealt with this kind of activity.

Specialized organizations that underwent the state ecological examination and have all necessary licenses for this kind of activity realized cargo transshipment in the seaport.

Activity of our company is open and transparent including cargo transshipment operations. Today the seaport Taman is the largest port for transshipment of liquid food cargos in Russia – only by the end of 2016 Russian export of vegetable oils, meals and beat molasses via Taman port counted almost 500 ths. tn.

We are always open to a dialog but unfortunately journalists from Channel Russia One, authors of the program «Palm shores» and Arkady Mamontov didn’t address to the company for a comment.

If there is any preparation for publications about EFKO Group’s activity we kindly ask mass media to address directly for comments to Group’s press center to avoid any misunderstanding.

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