Taman volunteers supported All-Russian marathon «Safe a tree!»

19 April 2019

Taman volunteers supported All-Russian marathon «Safe a tree!»

19 April 2019, Temryuksky district, Russia – Volunteers of the project «New Horizons» (supported by EFKO Group) joined All-Russian eco-marathon «RECYCLING. Hand in waste paper, safe a tree!».

Спаси дерево Акция Макулатура.jpgEcological marathon of the Russian Federation has successfully existed and developed as socially significant project since 2015. Within this period the likeminded activists managed to collect 6 162 346 kg of paper! It should be noted that 1 tn of wastepaper protect 10 trees from cutting down and save 1000 kW of electricity and 200 m3 of water.

The project aims at ecological education, fostering of responsible consumption, active citizenship, aspiration to protect the environment for next generations and stimulation of development of the «green entrepreneurship» in regions.

This marathon is a competition between cities and municipalities that takes place in Krasnodar region twice a year (supported by the Ministry of the natural resources of Krasnodar region). Municipalities pass the baton of wastepaper collection to each other trying to take the highest place in the Green rating table. The winners receive certificates and valuable prizes. Activists of the project «New Horizons» supported this ecological event.

- Only one enterprise with 25 employees can produce over 3 tn of wastepaper in a year. If they hand it in to recycle it’ll be able to protect 30 trees, save 60 ths l of water, get 3000 kW of electricity and reduce dangerous for the environment emissions of carbon dioxide, - Anya Osipova, leader of the project «New Horizons», tells.

During a month the volunteers will collect magazines, copybooks, paper packaging, cardboard and books of low values. Wastepaper-collecting points will be located in school yards. They have to collect 300 kg of paper.

- When I heard that there was an eco-marathon in our region, I was so excited! Because now we have an opportunity to realize the main principles of wastepaper recycling. This is what we constantly talk about to younger pupils at our ecological lessons, - Viktoria Mezentseva, activist of the project «New Horizons», shares her emotions.

The results of the eco-marathon «Hand in wastepaper – save a tree!» will be in the end of May.

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