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20 Russian and 25 international trademarks joined the list of the best brands made by «Gfk» company for the «Best Brands» award. This year the award established in Germany in 2004 will be handed in Russia for the first time.
In 2018 11 Russian organizations got the Russian Federation Government Award for achieving of high results in quality of products and services and introducing of highly effective quality management methods. The Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed the appropriate decision.
The Moscow arbitration tribunal started to consider a claim of two EFKO enterprises from Belgorod to Moscow EFKO LLC for protection of the rights for the trademarks and company name. The Group almost for a year has tried to stop the work of the duplicate legal body that under the guise of EFKO structures concludes supply contracts: the sum has already exceeded 27 mn rubles. At the same time the company petitioned the police. For EFKO Group it is crucial to prosecute top managers of the duplicate legal body to fight with clones – experts believe.
Efko shipped 6,300 tons of sunflower oil to Morocco in Aug., Russia’s first cargo of the product to the country since 2014-15 season, the company says in an emailed statement.