Irina Pavlenko, CFO of JSC "MC "EFKO", Alekseevka: "All great achievements were first dreams"

13 October 2015

Irina Pavlenko, CFO of JSC "MC "EFKO", Alekseevka: "All great achievements were first dreams"

Published: Zarya

All works are necessary, all works are important: the choice of a profession is always relevant, because the work has about a third of our lives. How to find the right profession and implement it to make a good living and be happy, we asked Irina Vyacheslavovna Pavlenko, CFO of JSC "MC "EFKO", Alekseevka.

— Irina Vyacheslavovna, what do you think, is it easy in the diversity of professions to find a really favorite one, which would be also in demand on the labor market and well-paid?

— Indeed, today a man who is looking for a job is faced with a wide variety of professions. Even in our small town Alekseevka everyone can find a suitable direction, taking into account individual characteristics, abilities and wishes. The company EFKO is constantly growing and evolving, creating more jobs for the fellow countrymen. Last year in Alekseevka were built 2 plants for the production of tomato ketchup and yogurt. The opening of new production sites has provided the labor market a large number of new jobs, and it's not just about the job specialties. After all, to create and sustain such a large production we need managers, executives, and managers on recruitment, and financiers, and economists, and representatives of creative professions such as designers and brand managers. This diversity allows everyone to find a profession after his heart.

— And how young professionals and graduate in such a variety will not be mistaken and to find a job that they will like and in what they will succeed?

— Yes, not everyone can find such a job at once. Often to come to the right decision only a trial and error method can help. After finishing school before young people, who have not yet had time to understand themselves, who have not decided on the kind of activity, becomes the choice of future profession. And then they often try to rely on the advice of friends, parents or just go where it’s easier to go. Only after graduation, when they is looking for a job, young people discover the realities of their chosen profession. It happens that, even get a job with a degree, a person realizes that he likes a completely different type of activity: for example, he likes working with people, frequent business trips, but not the paperwork in the quiet office. Market dynamics also plays a role: it’s difficult to predict for five years in advance how much a particular specialty will be in demand in the market. Now, for example, we can see how oversaturated market of lawyers and economists. But such situations always there is a way — it’s only important to understand what your heart is really in.

In EFKO you can find a lot of stories when in the practical activities, trying oneself in a new direction, our employees found their life's work, and held high positions.

A native of Alekseevka Inna Alekseevna Buzyunova after graduating from the University of trade and Economics joined EFKO as a marketer, and two years later was appointed Deputy Director for sales support. Then she worked as a head of Department for business administration. From 2011 to date, Inna Alekseevna heads the school of management "Biruch". She finds creative solutions to the problems and an individual approach to each and because of this successfully cope with the tasks imposed on her fragile shoulders. Or, for example, the Director of the Fat&Oil division Oleg Kharlanov has a law degree. He began his career in EFKO in 2000 in the field of law, then worked in the Department of advertising and design. After 2008, he held the posts of Head of specialized fats sales and Deputy Director of the Fat&Oil division, where he showed himself a real professional, and thus occupied a high position.

And there are many such examples, so do not be afraid, the company is always ready to help you to find the right direction.

— How the company determines what a person is predisposed and in what kind of activities he will be most successful?

— In order to help people to find the right direction and to fully realize their potential, in EFKO is used a number of different diagnostic programs, not only common but also unique, designed by specialists within the company. They all tend to be based on the understanding of human psychology, helps you to determine the predisposition of each to a particular sphere of activity. It often happens that people just did not attach any importance to some their characteristics, meanwhile, it can help them to succeed in a particular professional field. For example, many girls have such important qualities as sociability, ability to find common language with people, the ability to put yourself in the place of another, a habit to analyze human behavior. Often they work as sales assistants or waitresses in the fields involving communication with people, friendliness and sociability. However, these same traits make a good business administrator or HR professional and provide an excellent base for a management career. You just need to see these abilities and to discover the potential, and for this purpose there are all our methods of diagnosis staff. For example, Alyona Surkova joined the company as a Manager Assistant, was immediately acknowledged her ability to build communications, to prepossess the people, and soon Alyona took the position of Sales Manager, because in this position such qualities are essential. Having examined all the pitfalls of communication with customers, she was able to reach a new level, firstly as a Head of Sales Department, and then in the position of Deputy Director of the Fat&Oil division. And all this is due to the peculiarities of her nature and great desire to learn and improve.

We pay a great attention to the personal qualities and aptitudes of each employee, because when a person is interested in what he was doing, he puts his heart into his work, sets ambitious goals, achieves them and does his job with pleasure. Senior brand manager Andrey Lebedev studied at the Voronezh State Polytechnical Institute in a completely uncreative field, but has always been an active participant in student activities, played in KVN and Comedy Club. In EFKO he came to the Logistics Department, then worked in marketing research, but soon he showed a creative flair — so Andrey found himself in Control of Branding. Now he runs big advertising projects, writes scripts and participates in the filming of commercials — it’s interesting for him, therefore, the work turns out great. For companies it’s important that all human beings were in harmony: the interests, abilities and aspirations — in this we see the secret of success.

— When an employee is decided with the professional direction, what is his further development in this area?

— Currently in EFKO work more than 11,000 people, and to each of them we give equal opportunities for training and development, personal and professional growth. It’s important for employees, and for the development of the company. On the basis of EFKO was established a training center for staff — School of Management "Biruch" for which we developed a large number of specialized training courses for different specialties. Due to the acquired knowledge, the competences of employees are increasing too: for example, head of PR, Dmitry Khodykin several times became a participant of training courses in "Biruch", and after them he skillfully applied the acquired knowledge in his work. Career was not long in coming: in 2009 Dmitry joined the company as an economist, in 2011 was promoted to head of financial control. Two years ago, after another successful training he was appointed head of PR. And this isn’t the only example proving the efficiency and correctness of our principles of teaching.

— Today we are often faced with a situation when young people are so absorbed with career that they forget about personal life, do not have time to create a family, to have children or simply do not pay attention to their loved ones. What to do with that?

—  In our employees we primarily see people and understand that a person is effective and successful only if in his family, and with his health it’s all right. With the exception of the youngest, most employees happily married, raise children, and a successful career does not hinder them. For example, this summer Director for business administration of Department of oleochemical business of EFKO Tatiana Sanina has got married. Deputy Director for business administration and a member of the Board of Directors of the Innovation Center "Biruch" Irina Surovikova in her 29 years has occupied another high position: she became a mother. Such examples prove that to be a successful professional and just a happy person is absolutely fine and quite realistic.

Today, EFKO is one of the best family-oriented companies in Russia with one of the best social packages in the industry. The company has an extensive program of social support: we offer a good health insurance, provide to employees the corporate housing and transportation, help with paying mortgages and loans on the car, due to holidays in health resorts for employees and their children, and more. Many of you probably already heard about the construction in Alekseevka of a residential building of 66 apartments, a kindergarten and an children's and sports grounds — where young and promising employees of the company will be able to obtain their own housing. People who are willing to learn, try to grow both professionally and personally, are ready to share the interests of the company, seek to reveal themselves and to contribute to the common cause, we are always ready to support. EFKO is a company where the employees are not treated formally: our leaders are always trying to get into subordinate position to help — I think it’s very important for the healthy group.

— And what is now with vacancies in the company — are you ready to accept the new professionals?

— Our doors are always open for anyone who wants to learn, to benefit the company, to develop personally and professionally and earn a decent wage. Come to us to work and not be afraid to dream — all great achievements were first dreams.

Phone number: 8 (919) 22 88 800.
More on website: alekseevka.efko.ru

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