21 March 2019

45 Best brands of Russia

Published by: Forbes

20 Russian and 25 international trademarks joined the list of the best brands made by «Gfk» company for the «Best Brands» award. This year the award established in Germany in 2004 will be handed in Russia for the first time.

Within the research «Gfk» examined over 300 brands that occupy leading positions at Russian market. The experts were estimating their force not only according to objective market indicators but also in the context of the trademark psychological attraction for customers. The brands were divided into 5 groups: «The best product brand», «The best rising product brand», «The best foreign corporative brand», «The best Russian corporative brand» and «The best Russian product brand». The best product brands were determined on the base of «Gfk» panel data and the survey of 5750 people, while the best corporative brands – on the base of open source data on commercial success of the brands and the survey of 1500 people (more information about rating methodology here). According to the results of the research in each nomination there were 10 leaders and in general 45 brands (one brand could be in several categories). 9 April «Gfk» will choose from this list 5 winner of the «Best Brands» award (Serviceplan Group is an organizer of the award). The brands are listed alphabetically in the slideshow.

The best Russian product brand Top-10:

Greenfield, «Babaevsky», «Goryachaya shtuchka», «Dobry», «Makfa», «Maheev», «Prostokvashino», «Russia», «Sloboda» and «Frutonyanya». The first top 10 of the best Russian product brands were determined in accordance with the same methodology that the best product brands. But at the time of list making only brands made in Russia were taken into consideration.

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