In the next two years there will be one and a half decades of scientific and educational centers in Russian regions

15 May 2019

In the next two years there will be one and a half decades of scientific and educational centers in Russian regions

Published by: Channel One Russia

In the coming years there will be world-class scientific and educational centers in Russian regions. Their purpose will be to integrate science, education and business to create breakthrough technologies able to make Russia one of the leading countries in the sector of modern researches. Vladimir Putin assigned this task in the May decree.

Black-n-raspberry are berries down to 5 cm in size that taste like a combination of blackberry and raspberry of high nutritional value – according to the specialists of clone micro-reproduction.

In Belgorod biotechnology engineers have been engaged in such an activity for many years. In the local Innovation center they not only deal with plants but also develop technologies of production of the necessary in modern agriculture amino acids. Besides, they are very experienced thanks to the development of the new breed of pigs free from genetic pathology. The most important thing is that large agro-business receives world-class technologies here and now. The government within the national project «Science» have taken a decision on creation in Belgorod of a special scientific and educational center as well as in some other cities.

«The project joins universities, scientific organizations, enterprises operating in the real economy sector. It’s supposed that business will be interested in this project and invest it. 5 pilot scientific and educational centers in Perm, Belgorod, Kemerovo, Nizhny Novgorod and Tyumen regions have been chosen for 2019», - deputy chairman of the Russian Federation Government Tatyana Golikova informed.

«It must be world-class centers. There must be real scientists and local human resources must be used fully. If there is a lack of HR, there must be specialists from the capital», - Dmitry Medvedev noted.

Perm Center of the rational subsurface resources management has included key universities and large industrial partners interested in the know-how. Its specialists train by applying 3D technologies that simulate oil production work on the shelf. The best graduates get job offers immediately.

«Students are selected and tested, after that we employ them. We have already graduated and employed over 88 students. They already know their course of action in the near 2-3 years», - Pavel Ilyushin, director of Scientific and educational center of developments of oil gas location of the Polytechnic university, tells.

In Tyumen region, Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets autonomous districts the project is named «Tyumenskaya matreshka». It means that there is a partner community that joins scientific and research institutes and enterprises of the real economy sector from the three regions.

Arctic research and influence of mining operations on the climate and ecology are at the center of the study. But - as it usually happens to the most scientific developments – the result in the form of specific technologies is universal and can be applied in many spheres. For example, study of bacterial cells behavior is able to blow up usual standards because in the future it’ll let eliminate chemical pesticides and move to ecologically friendly agriculture. This is a promising project that has already obtained two grants from scientific funds of the capital.

«The main target is to suppress activity of pathogenic and opportunistic pathogenic microorganisms: fungus and bacteria», - Alexey Vasilchenko, candidate of biological sciences, research officer of Institute of ecological and agricultural biology of Tyumen State university, tells.

The government has taken a decision to launch in 2019 5 scientific and educational centers. By 2021 there must have been 15 formations. The main objective of the government is to support such centers including via grants.

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