Roskachestvo chose the best olive mayonnaise

12 December 2019

Roskachestvo chose the best olive mayonnaise

Published by: RT News

Roskachestvo summed up the results of the audit of popular brands of olive mayonnaise.

Specialists examined products of 18 popular Russian brands. According to the results of the tests, the following brands became the best: «Ryaba», «Sloboda», «Moscovsky provansal», «Sdobri», «Skit», «Miladora», «EZHK» and «Mr. Ricco».

The organization concluded that all the products are safe. All researched samples have olive DNA that means there is olive oil in their content.

However, some brands include sorbic (E200) or benzoic (E210) acid: «Korol stola», «Lenta», «To chto nado!», «Umnoe reshenie», «Maheev», «Tsarsky», «Paspie», «Zdrava», «Globus» and «Market Perekrestok».

Previously, portal kp.ru announced that Roskachestvo approved the list of the first six national standards of environmentally friendly agricultural products.

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