The best drinking yogurt is named

15 January 2020

The best drinking yogurt is named

Published by: Lenta.ru

Expert center of the All-Russian Customer Union «Roskontrol» conducted a study of drinking yogurt with peach. Products of the following popular federal brands were tested: «Sloboda», «Vkusnoteevo», «Ekovakino», «Ekoniva», «Agusha», «Frutonyanya» and «Asenyevskaya ferma». The best tested samples were named. Lenta.ru possesses copies of the test protocols.

Two samples failed the safety test: «Ekoniva» contained bacterium of intestinal bacillus while «Asenyevskaya ferma» doesn’t conform safety requirements in yeast content – it contained 13 times more yeast than it should contain. «Agusha», «Frutonyanya» and «Asenyevskaya ferma» had a floury taste, «Ekovakino» - an oxidized fat taste.

The following brands are recommended to be bought: «Sloboda», «Vkusnoteevo», «Agusha» and «Frutonyanya».

Previously, in January «Roskontrol» examined processed cheese. «Hochland» and «President» tasted the best. «O’key» and «Bely syr iz Zhukovki» had a floury taste, the last one also had a bitter taste.

For more information about the results of the test of «Sloboda» bio-yogurt with peach visit the official web-site of «Roskontrol»: https://roscontrol.com/product/bioyogurt-sloboda-1/#

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