Will there be vegetable meat boom in Russia because of coronavirus?

15 May 2020

Will there be vegetable meat boom in Russia because of coronavirus?

Published by: Moskovskaya Gazeta

Meat started to go bad in American shops

According to «Bloomberg», in the United States since the beginning of April prices for meat have begun to increase. At the background of rising unemployment and loss of income, consumers have to make choice: pay more for meat or don’t buy it at all. It is noted that coronavirus most affected people with low income.

Center for disease control and prevention of the USA registered some COVID-19 outbreaks at American meat enterprises. According to the establishment, several thousand people were infected because it was difficult to maintain a distance. Some large plants stopped to work while leading meat producers announced the lack of it.

CEO of «EFKO Innovations» Andrey Zyuzin supposes that because of coronavirus supply chains of goods are being broken, therefore local producers win.

«30-40% of consumers that tasted new for themselves local products during the crisis told that they would prefer to stay with them when they get back to normal life. It means that unknown to the wide public companies and their brands will win», - the expert told to «Moskovskaya Gazeta».

«In the USA and China, for example, there has been a surge in the demand for vegetable meat. While in America «Beyond Meat» managed to satisfy the demand for substitution of meat products with adequate nutrient content, in China consumers recovering from the crisis associated in their heads problem of coronavirus appearance with consumption of animal food. That’s why they started to switch over to plant-based products.

In Russia, according to the research of «GgK» company, there is a growing consumption of meat products during self-isolation. According to the Center for economic forecasting of «Gazprombank», there will be big changes at the meat market. The share of broiler meat and pork will increase while sales of premium meat, expensive types of cuttings will stagnate or drop.

Will there be vegetable meat boom in Russia because of coronavirus? No, there won’t, but there will be progressive reflection on its necessity and healthiness. Russians will pay attention to the price category – whether vegetable meat turns out to be expensive or cheap in our country as well as need for a healthy lifestyle – if consumers are able to substitute a part of their diet receiving proteins and other ingredients via consumption of vegetable meat. There is no doubt that «Beyond Meat’s» trend of plant-based products in fast food restaurants (Kfc, McDonalds, Burger King) will help to promote it at Russian market. Its appearance there means democratization of the process when most people are able to see the product and taste it. Then, the demand will definitely increase», - Andrey Zyuzin commented.

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