When the crisis is no obstacle. How to become a part of EFKO Group’s powerful team

8 June 2020

When the crisis is no obstacle. How to become a part of EFKO Group’s powerful team

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Economic crisis always changes job market and relations between its participants. Anyway, jobseekers consider not only salary but also company’s reliability, its resilience to financial disturbances. A powerful team is not afraid of economic shocks. EFKO Group is one of such teams.

In need of job

The pandemic confirmed that among sustainable companies there are producers of essential goods and food products that provide food safety of the country.

EFKO Group for over a quarter of a century has overcome several world crises with dignity. It showed itself as a powerful player and reliable protector of thousands of its employees. Becoming a part of such a team is an opportunity to prove yourself and acquire financial stability but many are afraid of the selection process: CV, testing, job interview… However actually it is not that dreadful.

For EFKO its employees have always been a priority, they are the main competitive advantage of the company. It has a regulate mentoring system and social programs. There is a scientific and educational center «Biruch» to teach the personnel, the company actively collaborates with universities employing students and graduates, it means that absence of labor experience is not an obstacle for the employer.

Natalya Yashkoldina, EFKO Group’s HR Director, tells about the rest.


«It should be clear and laconic. Employer learns the first information exactly from CV, - Natalya Yashkoldina tells. – It in not necessary to rewrite duties from the job instruction, employer wants to understand which key functions you performed at previous places of work».

Sometimes job seekers embellish their CV mentioning tasks that they have never performed. Don’t do that: it is possible to check easily the information at the job interview and the candidate can get into an awkward situation.

And the last thing: literacy is important as well as the content. Before sending check the text for grammatical, punctuation and logical mistakes.

Testing follows CV approval.


This evaluation method aims at identification of necessary competencies and possible gaps in knowledge of jobseekers. In the future, after employment, mentors will take into account results of the testing and help the new employee to acquire missing competencies.

«Testing is one of selection stages that lets evaluate deeper personal and professional characteristics of the candidate. According to the testing results, the company will offer the most appropriate vacancy to the jobseeker», - Natalya Yashkoldina explains.

Job interview

The last and the most important selection stage. Exactly here jobseeker represents himself and answers awkward questions of the employer.

«At the job interview we always check the level of knowledge and skills of the candidate and ask him to explain his salary expectations. They depend on the university and labor experience of the candidate and vacancy that he applies for. However, often looking through the vacancies, young jobseekers focus on salary not education and experience», - Natalya Yashkoldina notes.

It is important to understand that the company is ready to offer a high level of income to young specialists if the employee is interested in working and development, if he is ready to complete difficult tasks together with the company.

Promising employees are in-demand even with crisis

According to the statistics of the company, 95 % of EFKO Group’s chiefs – directors, technologists, chief engineers and top-managers – have grown in the company. A true professional even within the time of crisis remains in-demand, while a reliable employer won’t break up with him even during the most difficult times.

EFKO company in spite of another crisis is opened for promising and self-motivated specialists. For example, now there is recruitment of embryologists, chemists, geneticists, vets to the Innovation center «Biruch». For EFKO crisis is no obstacle but a chance to search and use new opportunities.

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