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EFKO company’s specialized fats for soft waffles production
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22 September 2017
Dry whey-fat concentrates and functional mixtures for the food industry
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16 August 2017
Fats for the confectionary industry: a new page in production
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10 July 2017
Flour-containing confectionary products for healthy diet
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20 June 2017
EFKO Group developers told about world tendencies in production of Fat&Oil products without trans-isomers
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9 June 2017
Milk fat substitute – product that is unique from the all sides
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19 May 2017
Technological aspects of the usage of milk fat substitutes with the content of trans-isomers less than 2%
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12 May 2017
New and unusual tastes of "Assorti" candies from EFKO's technologists
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27 February 2017