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The "EFKO" specialists are always ready to experiment
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15 July 2015
Summary of the results of the special assessment of working conditions.
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30 June 2015
Technologists of "EFKO" Group introduced the results of new developments
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25 March 2015
Aspects of the production of milk-containing products
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17 March 2015
Milk-containing products: aspects of production
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3 March 2015
Defending consumer interests
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12 February 2015
Technological aspects of the use of substitutes for milk fat "Ekoice 1503-30" and "Ekolakt TF 2403-35" in the production of ice cream with milk fat replacers
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28 January 2015
Experience in the development of puff pastry with entering rye and buckwheat flour
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22 January 2015