21 September 2017

The soap of Voronezh production got the State Quality Mark

21 September 2017, Russia – The «EFKO Cosmetic» LLC factory’s soap products (a part of EFKO Group) got the State Quality Mark.  

Baby’s soap.jpgThe Russian quality system (“Roskachestvo” – Rusquality) conducted a two steps research of 31 baby soap samples of Russian and foreign origin. Products from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Poland, and Ukraine. 

After the laboratory examination, the auditors of “Roskachestvo” visited the “EFKO Cosmetic” factory in the Voronezh region to conduct a technical audit. The audit included the checking of localization level and the proportion of Russian raw materials’ usage. 

As a result of Roskachestvo’s research, only 3 of 31 baby soap samples passed the examination with honour. Baby’s soap manufactured by “EFKO Cosmetic” was among them, so it proved its high quality and has been awarded the State Quality Mark.

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