6 October 2017

EFKO Group told about the current trends in compound feed industry

6 October 2017, Voronezh, Russia – EFKO Group specialists told about the advantages of animal feeds, produced by the company, under the research-to-practice conference «Current trends in compound feed industry. The vegetable origin GMO sources in compound feeds. Legal and regulatory framework and practical control of GMO». The conference was held on 26-29 September 2017 in Voronezh, on the base of The All-Russia Research Institute of Compound Feed Industry (VNIIKP). 

The Institute organized the conference together with The Compound Feed Professionals Union, with the help of Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. «Compound Feeds» magazine performed as a media partner. 

More than 80 leading professionals of the compound industry took part in the conference, as well as famous scientists in the fields of technology development, equipment and management tools engineering, automation, animal feed, veterinary medicine, zootechnics, and so on. 

EFKO Group’s production engineer Sergey Kudinov demonstrated the results of EFKO soybean products usage in farm animals and poultry feeding. 

All research results confirmed the advantages of EFKO Group’s animal feeds in every surveyed group. Practical training and exercises on different industry branches were given on the third day of the event.

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