11 October 2017

EFKO Group: the Russian share of the world vegetable oils export market may reach 15% by 2025

11 October 2017, Russia – Following the results of 2016/2017 season, Russia has exported the record-high in modern Russian history 2.9 billion tonnes of vegetable oils. By the 2025/2026 season, the export may reach 5.4 billion tonnes, and the Russian share of the world vegetable oils market will grow to 15% - EFKO Group’s Director for Strategic Development Vladislav Romantsev predicts. The forecast was made during the business-session «Fat&Oil industry – a driver of Agro-Industrial resources effective usage», which was held at the Agro-Industrial exhibition «Golden Autumn». 

Романцев_экспорт_2.jpgBy the 2025/2026 season, world trade of liquid vegetable oils (not counting tropical oils) may reach 36 billion tonnes – 42% of soybean oil, 41% of sunflower oil, 15% of rapeseed oil, and 2% of other oils. 

According to Vladislav Romantsev, EFKO Group’s Director for Strategic Development, an affordable export potential of Russia may reach 5.4 billion tonnes by the moment. This will let Russia occupy up to 15% of world vegetable oils market. To date, the Russian share is 11%. 

«Russia has everything to implement this plan: modern hi-tech production capacities, which today can process up to 24 billion tonnes of oil plants, well-developed inner port logistics – first of all, on Taman peninsula – and also favourable climate for oil plants growing», - highlighted Romantsev. 
The need to increase the gross harvest of oilseeds in Russia is the main problem.  

At the moment, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and industry unions together are working on the programme to increase the oilseeds production volume, taking into account the regional specific features and modern agro-technologies implementation. The realization of the programme will allow increasing oilseed plants gross yield collection to 24 billion tonnes by 2025. Vladislav Romantsev said that this quantity is quite realistic.

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