24 October 2017

The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan evaluated the progress of «EFKO ALMATY» investment project

24 October 2017, Almaty, Kazakhstan – The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan made a working visit to the Almaty region on 24 October. During the visit, Bakytzhan Sagintayev evaluated the progress of «EFKO ALMATY» LLP’s investment project and the development prospects of Kazakhstan Fat&Oil industry.

«EFKO ALMATY» general director Nurzhan Kozhamuratov presented the production process and the goods to the Prime Minister. 

At the moment, «EFKO ALMATY» LLP is one of the largest oilseeds processors and Fat&Oil producers in the Republic, with a production capacity up to 180 thousand tonnes per year. 

Under the Industrialisation Map, since 2015, the company has invested more than 11 billion tenges in the production modernization, implementing the newest technologies and establishing the production of the world-class local Kazakhstan goods in a short amount of time. It have not only covered the Republic's internal needs, but also has begun the supply of Kazakhstan products for export to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and China – the export accounts for almost 40% of the total production volume. 

To date, the «EFKO ALMATY» Fat&Oil cluster is unique in terms of processing depth. There are a Soybean Oil-Extracting Factory, a Sunflower Oil Pressing factory, Specialized Fats&Margarine Plant, and a Vegetable Oil Bottling Line, which was started in the National teleconference with the participation of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev during a National teleconference. The teleconference was dedicated to the launch of new projects under the second industrialisation five-year plan. 

Премьер министр РК на ЭФКО АЛМАТЫ.jpgThe general director presented to the Prime Minister an operation process of the hi-tech filling line, and the assortment of the goods produced:, specialized fats and margarine that are used in the food industry, vegetable oils and meals. More than that, Nurzhan Kozhamuratov told about the complex program supporting the domestic agricultural specialists – during the last 2 seasons, the company provided almost 1.5 thousand tonnes of high-quality seeds to be planted. Moreover, the company plans to create a network of service and procurement centers in the Almaty region. 

According to Kozhamuratov, the Fat&Oil industry of Kazakhstan has an enormous potential, however, a serious lack of raw material, which is connected with low yields of seeds, hinder its development, as well as the minor gross harvest and export of oilseeds to neighbouring countries. 

The President had ordered to reform agroindustrial sector since 2017, so within this program, an important decision has been made. The subsidies per hectare were replaced by the subsidies per each kilogram that is given to domestic processor. The amount is 4 thousand tenges/tonne. However, this subsidy level is still not enough to defend local raw materials from being exported. 

To defend it efficiently, in 2018 the subsidy amount should be increased up to 25 tenges per kilogram for those agriculturists who will give the beans to the Kazakhstan processors. Only such measure could defend the national Fat&Oil industry, and it would become an additional material remuneration for agriculturists, who will have a vested interest in improving yields, gross harvest, and raw materials’ quality. 

«Our company intends to increase production volume and Fat&Oil products export that will make Kazakhstan become a key supplier of Fat&Oil products to Central Asia», - stated Kozhamuratov.

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