30 October 2017

Scientists of EFKO Group and VSU will increase the expiration date of perishable foods

30 October 2017, Voronezh, Russia – EFKO Group, one of the largest Agro-Industrial holdings in Russia, and Voronezh State University won a Federal Target Program, dedicated to Priority research and development of Science and Technology complex in Russia 2014-2020. The lot is «The development of biomolecular methodology for food products’ control, using highly productive DNA analysis».  

The scientists of EFKO Group and Voronezh State University will develop the technology of a sanitary examination at the production of dairy and Fat&Oil products. For this control, there will be a genetic marker control of yeasts, mould, and bacteria, based on a highly productive DNA analysis. The products will be screened with the help of high performance sequencing – to find out the presence of all the microorganisms important for the food industry. The highly effective sequencing method has been used in Russia for a comprehensive study of microbiocenosis, however, there are not any analogues of this project in Russia. 

According to General Director of «Biruch-NT» Innovation Center (R&D center of EFKO Group) Tatyana Sanina, «the development of express-testing quality and safety control systems for the food products is a promising area. It accelerates the analysis, the time of so-termed “quarantine of a product” before the product’s shipment to retail network, also it reduces the risk of human error», - highlighted Sanina.

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