24 August 2018

EFKO Group starts exporting of sunflower oil to Morocco

24 August 2018, Russia – EFKO Group, the largest Fat&Oil holding in Russia, declares widening of export geography and starting of sunflower oil supplies in bulk to Morocco.

morocco EFKO.jpgMorocco is one of the leading partners of Russia in Africa and Arabic world. In 2017 goods turnover between the countries increased by 13,2%, to 1 461 mn dollars. Traditional goods of Moroccan export to Russia became tomatoes, mandarins, textile, clothes and footwear, while 80% of Russian export in turns of value accounted for petroleum products and coal.

Within the visit to Rabat in the end of the last year the head of Russian Federation government Dmitry Medvedev called to diversify trading environment and consider new sectors of collaboration between two countries including agro-industrial complex.

In August 2018 EFKO Group sent to Morocco a tanker with 6,3 ths tn of sunflower oil in bulk. This party has become the first Russian supply of oil to the Kingdom since 2014/2015.

«We consider Morocco as promising market for Russian sunflower export, - chief of export potential development of EFKO Group Alexey Gavrilov tells. – Annually the Kingdom imports 75-80 ths tn of sunflower oil and in recent years Ukraine and Bulgaria covered these needs. Our company actively works on promoting of Russian sunflower oil to the international market and today about 40% of all Russian sunflower oil export to the North Africa accounts for EFKO. We intend to continue working on realization of export potential of our country».

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