23 August 2018

Sloboda brand products won hearts of guests of the «Feast on Volga»

23 August 2018, Russia – 18 August a grand gastronomic festival «Banquet on the Volga» took place in Yaroslavl with the support of «Sloboda» brand. More than 55 ths residents participated in the event.

QSSyzKuE99s.jpgThe festival has now been repeated for three consecutive years and each time its popularity is growing – tens of thousands of people came to the event to have a good time, communicate, entertain, and, of course, eat tasty. That’s why this year EFKO Group’s leading brand «Sloboda», under which it produces a wide line of high quality products – vegetable oils, mayonnaises, ketchups, sauces, yogurts and milk, became a partner of the event.

This year at the festival there have been 120 courts with food, contests, competitions, quests, face painting, games and master-classes for children and adults.

A Russian TV presenter, showman, producer, actor and сhief editor of «StarHit» magazine Andrey Malahov became the main star of the event. He hosted a culinary battle between the mayor of Yroslavl Vladimir Sleptsov and brend-chief of the Banquet Gregory Mosin – a constant participant of the television culinary projects on channels One, Russia 2, NTV, Kuhnya-TV and author of the book «Rule of a burger» - and hokey players of the club «Lokomotiv» and other vip-guests of the festival.

Ri_QNtYR3bE.jpgGregory Mosin confessed that a key to a successful dish is a tasty dressing. «Good mayonnaise is really yummy. You’ll cook with cucumbers and tomatoes salad that people from all over the country will want to taste. And, of course, when you are looking for mayonnaise – choose a good, correct product», - the expert noted.

«Sloboda» mayonnaise, cooked exceptionally with natural ingredients without any preservatives, artificial colorings, flavorings, glutamate and starch, is exactly such a product that, moreover, possesses with a state sign of quality.

The festival «Banquet on the Volga» turned out to be truly national. Already today it’s called as the best gastronomic event in Russia that means the next year more amazing entertainments and tasty dishes will be organized for its participants.

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