22 January 2019

New taste of perfection: EFKO Group starts production of olive mayonnaise with Extra Virgin oil

22 January 2019, Russia – EFKO Group, one of the largest food products producers in Russia, announces start of production of «Sloboda» olive mayonnaise with Extra Virgin oil.

слобода.pngNew product is made in accordance with customers’ preferences and continues developing of production of products for «green shelves». «Sloboda» with Extra Virgin oil follows traditional production of mayonnaise with liquid egg yolk. Having good viscosity it, in contrast to egg powder, allows to keep mayonnaise thick without using of emulsifiers, stabilizers and starch. A modern equipment and lean technologies let produce mayonnaise without preservatives and antioxidants.

To produce new mayonnaise the company uses high quality Extra Virgin olive oil made by method of cold-pressing that keeps taste of Spanish olives. It contains necessary fatty acids which help to support an optimal level of cholesterol in blood, supply human cells with nutrients and favor digestive processes.

«Sloboda» brand for many year has been favorite brand of Russians in the category «Mayonnaise» while olive mayonnaise is considered to be a gold standard of taste and quality. The first national olive mayonnaise appeared in Russia quite recently – in 1999. It was «Sloboda» olive oil produced by EFKO Group that actually created this product category.

First shipments of «Sloboda» novelty with Extra Virgin oil have already been supplied to distributors and soon will appear in retail chains.

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