20 February 2012

Nicolas Coro's workshop for EFKO


On 17–18 February 2012, the design studio of EFKO corporate university associated with the Voronezh State University hosted a workshop on creation of a true brand – new technologies of brand design through neuromarketing and the power of colour. The workshop was developed and moderated by Nicolas Coro, a recognised expert in brand management and neuromarketing.

It was an express training course in new branding technologies. A hands-on approach, activity and interest of the participants, and Nicolas' professionalism helped obtaining a maximum of useful knowledge.


EFKO's design studio was established in 2011. In January 2012, the studio launched one of its priority projects – Creativity into Practice advanced training course for designers. The project aims at developing creative potential in corporate employees and the best students

of the Voronezh State University. Multiple teaching methods and professionalism of the design studio teachers contribute to students' ability of creative thinking, looking for unconventional solutions and their original implementation.

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