7 March 2019

EFKO Group took part in the XII international conference «Confectionary products of the XXI century»

7 March 2019, Moscow, Russia – EFKO Group, leader of the specialized fats and margarines market in Russia and EEU countries, became a sponsor of the conference «Confectionary products of the XXI century» and within the program told about opportunities to improve technologies of confectionary production. 

Конференция_кондитерка.jpgThe conference, organized by the International industrial academy, is traditionally realized under the guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the Federal Research Center of Nutrition and Biotechnology, the Federal Scientific Center of food systems named after V.M. Gorbatov and the Union of food ingredients producers and gathers leading specialists of the largest Russian enterprises, scientists, representatives of branch unions and associations. 

This year participants of the forum have discussed a range of important for the industry topics – modern condition and prospects of development of the confectionary industry in Russia and abroad, prospects of export of confectionary products, questions of legislative and regulatory support, quality and safety of products.  

Olga Khloponina, a manager of sales technological support, EFKO Group, within the event told about specific features and advantages of the usage of EFKO poured fats, emphasizing that such a method of shipment allows to raise the speed of raw materials receiving and reduce the prime cost. 

Moreover, participants discussed the trends of customer behavior. According to GFK (one of the largest in the world scientific and research marketing institutes), the FMCG-market in 2018 showed a falling by 3,7% in terms of value compared with the previous year. The main factor that affected negatively the market became a falling of the sum of an average bill. 

«The market researches demonstrate that a customer is «tired» of traditional products and ready to experiment preferring new tastes, forms, new products of the confectionary market, - Alena Surkova, a chief of confectionary branch of EFKO Group’s Fat&Oil division, noted. – Organic products, products with a «clean label» without any artificial colorings and flavorings, with a simple and clear content and useful properties are gaining popularity. EFKO company for over 15 years has offered to its partners Fat&Oil ingredients on which base such products can be developed». 

On the base of the Center of applied researches a dozen of new recipes of ready-to-use confectionary products that meet customer needs are developed every year. The company considers production of ingredients that are base for products for a healthy diet and with a «clean label» one of the top-priority directions. The company’s line of such products is widening year after year.

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