11 March 2019

EFKO Group: focus on the sowing campaign

11 March 2019, Voronezh region, Liski district, Russia – Preparation for the sowing is well under way. In this regard, there is a wide variety of exhibitions, conferences and seminars in the Central Chernozemie. 1 March the exhibition «Voronezhagrocomplex» took place in Liski district, Voronezh region. Within the event EFKO Group’s specialists met with agricultural producers of the region to discuss business issues of the pre-sowing campaign.

Диплом_Зерновая компания.jpgEFKO agronomical service selects for its partners sorts of soybean with high productivity, different ripening periods and, that is very important, with a genetically designed opportunity to gain a high protein in the yield. The company possesses over a dozen of tested samples able to satisfy various requirements of farmers towards this crop in conditions of their regions. Annual testing of various species of crops (in 2018 there were 46 tests) allows to identify potential of many sorts including those which are not in the gossortreestr of the Central Chernozemny region. Identified promising sorts will be tested again in conditions of 2019 to confirm the results.

In 2018 EFKO Group’s specialists together with agricultural producers from Belgorod and Kursk regions sowed 2 220 ha with seed-growing sowings of the national and import selections to receive quality seeds of the first reproduction and realize them in the future sowing campaign of 2019. For the moment, over 6 ths tn of quality soybean seeds were grown and conditioned at the production assets of «EFKO Semenovodstvo». This year the plan is the following: to continue this work and to sow more sorts of the national selection – «Bara», «Avanta», «Chera 1», Belarus – «Pripyat», «Volma», France - «Protina», «Sultana», Canada – «Maxus». Protein potential in these sorts amounts from 38 to 46% per absolutely dry substance.

EFKO Agronomic service goes directly to its clients, analyzes soil and climatic conditions, culture of farming, applied technologies and gives recommendations on sorts’ selectioning. Then, from sowing to harvesting, EFKO specialists lend agronomic support of sowings and organize educational seminars where gives certificates on purchasing of EFKO soybean seeds PC-1 with a discount from 5 to 20%. Today agricultural producers begin to use actively won certificates.

«We have worked directly with EFKO for many years, - Sergey Tolokonnikov, a chief of ZEMLEMER-AGRO LLC, tells, - this is a convenient partnership because we can take seeds for the harvest – generally, we do so or partially buy them. The convenience is in documentation – we don’t have to take a loan. Last year in August I took part in the seminar in Belgorod and won a discount certificate and now we buy seeds «Kofu», «Bara» and «Kassidy» at a 10% discount».

In 2018 the company realized over 2,7 ths tn of soybean seeds – 1,3 ths tn of them were invested to the harvest.

Participation in the exhibition «Voronezhagrocomplex» allowed EFKO employees to shape a plan for the coming period.

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