13 March 2019

EFKO food ingredients are in a high demand abroad

13 March 2019, Alexeevka, Russia – EFKO Group, leader of specialized fats and margarines market in Russia and EEU countries, by the end of 2018 increased by 15% a share of export sales of food ingredients realizing regular supplies of the products to 14 countries of the world including China and Serbia.

МЖД_03.JPGWidening of export potential is one of the key directions of company’s development. In 2018 a new outlet area was opened: for the first time EFKO Group exported specialized fats and margarines to Egypt.

Last year the company’s sales of high-tech fats increased significantly. Remaining the only one national producer of cacao butter equivalent EFKO company increased triply volumes of supplies of these unique products of premium-class last year. The sales of cacao butter alternatives were increased by 10%.

«A complex of technological support that EFKO provides to its partners plays an important role in a constant ramp-up, - Oleg Harlanov, director of the Fat&Oil Division, noted. – EFKO Group’s technologists not only visit regularly enterprises of the clients to get acquainted with all delicacies of different production processes but organize common studies in our R&D center. Just this year there have been over 20 common developments with partners – representatives of the largest producers of confectionary, baking and dairy industries».

МЖД_04.jpgSeminars and master-classes that EFKO has organized regularly for over 10 years for its partners are essential parts of the technological support. The export geography is widening year after year: in 2018 there were 6 seminars and 8 master-classes not only in Russia but also in Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kirghizia and Kazakhstan. Participation in the seminars allows company’s partners to be aware of main tendencies of development of food industry and get to know promptly novelties of EFKO Group’s assortment and possibilities of their applying.

In 2018 the company launched 8 new products. Among them there was cacao butter equivalent «Equilad 0301-34» - the hardest and heat-resistant product in EFKO line of cacao butter equivalents that has already approved itself in production of high-quality confectionary products.

Frying fat «Oilmix» is another successful development: by the end of 2018 the general volume of sales of this product increased tenfold.

New developments of EFKO technologists were highly appreciated by the juries of such prestigious tasting contests as «The best product», «Innovation product», «Product of the year». In 2018 EFKO specialized fats and margarines got 6 awards of the highest test.

МЖД_02.jpgWinning of the Russian Federation Government Award for quality became a significant event for the Fat&Oil business of the company. The Group’s plant producing specialized fats and margarines – «EFKO Food Ingredients» located in Alexeevka, Belgorod region, became a laureate of this prestigious state award.

Dmitry Medvedev, a Prime Minister, gave the laureate diploma to the top-managers of the company’s Fat&Oil business in the Government House. This such a high award confirmed again that the course line of EFKO company, that includes continuous improving of the quality of its products and introducing of innovative solutions, is correct.

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