30 May 2019

EFKO Group won three gold medals at the exhibition SIAL China 2019

30 May 2019, Shanghai, China – Three products of EFKO Group, leader of specialized fats and margarines market in Russia and EEU countries, were highly estimated by the experts of the tasting contest that was organized within the 20th international exhibition SIAL China 2019.

Выставка Китай.jpgThe forum takes place in Shanghai annually and is the largest in Asia and the third largest in the word specialized event that joins leading players of the food market. This year 4300 exponents from over 70 countries have participated in it.

Alongside with the exhibition there was a tasting contest «For production of high quality biologically safe food products» organized with the support of the Russian export center and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

In the nomination «Fat&Oil products» EFKO Group represented three products – cacao butter equivalent «Equilad 0101-34», margarine for creams «Ecocream 1403-32» and margarine for puff pastry «Ecoslice 2103-41». The expert committee highly estimated the quality of represented products and products made on their base in company’s own R&D center – biscuits, soufflé, chocolate bars.

EFKO Group developed high-tech premium-class fat «Equilad 0101-34» in 2014 and it’s the only Russian enterprise that produces cacao butter equivalent. The product aims at full or partial substitution of cacao butter in confectionaries – icing for ice cream, cakes, chocolate bars, it eliminates the risk of eutectic and fat bloom appearance. EFKO cacao butter equivalent has already been laureate of prestigious international contests and gold medals of the exhibition SIAL China 2019 proved once again high quality and demand of «Equilad 0101-34».

The second product that received gold medal of the international event is premium-class specialized margarine for puff pastry «Ecoslice 2103-41». It lets improve organoleptic properties of final puff pastry products – croissants, fagottini, biscuits, giving them delicate creamy taste and aroma, golden color and providing homogeneous structure with strong layers.

Margarine for creams «Ecocream 1403-32» aimed at full or partial substitution of butter in fillings for cakes, rolls and other pastry got the third gold medal. It’s low in trans-isomers – under 2% - and allows to accelerate and simplify production process as well as reduce the prime cost of final product.

EFKO Group has managed to win the highest awards of prestigious contests, produce unique for the native market goods and remain leader of Fat&Oil sector in Russia and EEU countries mainly thanks to its own R&D center, highly qualified specialists and strict quality management systems existing in its productions.

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