3 June 2019

EFKO Group within a seminar showed new factory complex in Taman

3 June 2019, Anapa, Russia – Over 50 employees of leading enterprises of confectionary and baking industry from Russia and Georgia within a seminar of EFKO company, leader of specialized fats and margarines market, became familiar with the work of the new objects of «Food Ingredients» LLC’s production area in Taman seaport.

семинар анапа 2.jpgA large-scale modernization and widening of the production are being completed at the moment. An additional powerful deodorization section has been already launched while pre-commissioning activities at the new modern packaging and storage complex are in their final stage.

«You’re the first who see these new objects, - Dmitry Voropaev, chief engineer of «Food Ingredients» LLC, told welcoming participants of the seminar. – The warehouse, where we are now, is fully robotic: only operator and duty personnel control the work. The whole loading from the oil box economy and workshop of specialized fats packaging is managed by the special automated system. After the final putting into operation storage capacity of the plant will be increased 3 times».

Launched in 2008 «Food Ingredients» LLC is the most modern plant producing specialized fats and margarines in the Eastern Europe and when modernization is completed, it’ll become one of the largest and most technological ones. The main logistic advantage of the area is its own and unique for Russia deep water sea terminal that is able to receive ships of 55 ths tn deadweight and available 365 days a year.

«I visited the plant in Taman a year ago within the last seminar. I’m surprised to see so many improvements that have been done during this time. The robotic warehouse impressed me the most. I’m glad to recognize that our long-standing partners – EFKO company – now will manage supplies of their Fat&Oil products even more effectively», - Nikolay Babkin, purchasing director from KDV company, told.

«I’m impressed with the facilities of the plant: everything works cohesively and such a complicated technological process is well-designed to the last detail. I’ve never seen a production of such a level», - Maria Pozhelenkova, manager of purchasing department of the confectionary plant «Bryankonfy», noted.

Another important part of the seminar was business program that included presentations of the leading employees from the All-Russian scientific and research institute of confectionary industry «Federal research center of nutrition and biotechnology», the Union of food ingredients producers, Scientific and research center «Healthy diet» and other organizations and research agencies of the sector. Among the topic subjects there was a discussion on customer preferences changes.

«At the moment competition in confectionary and baking industries of Russia is off the scale. That’s why product positioning is coming to the fore. Earlier in Russia there were only 2,5% of so-called innovator-consumers – who are ready to try something new. Now there are 7%, in Moscow and Saint Petersburg – 10%. There are more and more people who are tired of standard foods – they’re ready to search and try new things and producers in such conditions must experiment with new tastes, ingredients, packaging – it means surprise», Elena Ponomareva, CEO of scientific and research company «Laboratory of trends», analyzed situation at the market.

семинар анапа 4.jpgSearching of new tastes, ingredients and ways of product positioning became the main theme song of confectionary and baking products tasting organized by EFKO Group’s employees in the end of the seminar. They offered participants to estimate 10 types of different products made with EFKO specialized fats and margarines on the base of the company’s own Center of applied researches in Alexeevka, Belgorod region.

Participants marked out the sweet «Bubble gum» with caramel and chewing gum flavor. It’s made with «Ecomix 1402-32» - hard confectionary fat with lauric oils and sharp melting profile. Thanks to these properties the filling based on «Ecomix 1402-32» melts in the mouth quickly and without any lard-like taste.

Besides, they marked out a favorable combination of ingredients in gluten free nut-n-chocolate biscuits with a mix of corn and rice flour based on «Ecouniversal 1203-32» margarine. Sugar free twisters with 50% replacement of wheat flavor for rye flavor became leader of the voting. Snacks of such type are source of food fiber rich in vitamin B, iron, zinc, magnesium, cooper, phosphorus and calcium. They’re based on margarines with a «clean label» - «Ecouniversal 1603-32» table margarine and «Ecoslice 1903-32» margarine for puff pastry. Both products don’t contain any ingredients with E code.

Such a choice of representatives of leading enterprises of confectionary and baking industry proves again the fact that a healthy diet trend is becoming more and more popular in all sectors of the food industry in Russia and the world.

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