10 June 2019

Employees from enterprises of dairy sector visited new factory complex in Taman

10 June 2019, Anapa, Taman seaport – Right after employees form confectionary and baking enterprises, representatives of the leading companies of dairy sector from Russia and Kazakhstan visited new facilities of the plant «Food Ingredients» LLC. The excursion to the production area of EFKO Group, leader of specialized fats and margarines market, took place within a seminar organized by the company for its partners.

Новый комплекс Тамань 6.jpgThe project on the large-scale modernization and production widening that began at the plant «Food Ingredients» LLC in Taman seaport last February, now is approaching the end. An additional deodorization section has been already launched while pre-commissioning activities at the new modern packaging and storage complex are in their final stage. When all works are completed, capacities of the plant will be increased three times.

«Our plant in Taman seaport is the only enterprise of Fat&Oil sector in Russia and Eastern Europe that possesses such a fully robotic complex, - Mikhail Vlasenko, deputy director of production of EFKO branch in Taman, told within the excursion. – Almost each stage of loading of specialized fats and margarines excludes human factor, because all the process, from oil box economy to warehouse, is controlled by the automatized system».

When modernization is done, EFKO plant in Taman seaport will be one of the largest and most modern Fat&Oil enterprises in Europe.

Business program became another important part of the seminar – it included discussion of topical issues of the sector: requirements for marking of milk-containing products with milk fat substitute and spreads, world tendencies in production of innovative food products and many others. Among speakers of the event there were leading specialists of All-Russian scientific and research institute of dairy industry, Federal Research Center of nutrition and biotechnology, All-Russian scientific and research institute of butter and cheese-making and research companies.

One of the key topics of the seminar became the discussion on tendencies of production of functional products as well as alternatives to milk products – their sales in Russia are growing year after year.

«According to the results of the researches of our company 84% of Russians have changed their food ration striving to a healthy lifestyle. 67% eat more fresh natural products and over 1/3 of consumers are ready to pay more for healthy products, - Mikhail Samohvalov, chief of the direction of cooperation with FMCG-producers of Nielsen company, shared information. – In this regard, growing of sales of functional products and alternatives to milk products is logical. For example, sales of vegetable milk have grown 5 times compared to last year».

Новый комплекс Тамань 3.jpgIn the end of the business program employees of EFKO company organized degustation. They offered participants over 10 types of products that are suitable for a healthy lifestyle.

Participants of the seminar especially noted alternatives to cheese products and vegetable and fat spreads with the use of milk fat substitutes produced by EFKO – «Ecolact» and «Oilblend».

Spread with vitamin E and phytosterols was also highly appreciated. It’s made with «Ecolact 2103-35» - unique for Russia milk fat substitute produced with fractionation method. One portion of such spread (15g) contains 33% of phytosterols and over 15% of vitamin E from the recommended daily physiological requirements for an adult human. Consumption of such a product favors prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Participants of the seminar also liked alternatives to milk products. Vegetable dessert «Persik» based on oat drink and coconut oil got the most votes.

«I’d love to buy such dessert – it tastes perfectly and has good structure. I’ve taken with me a pair of cups – I want to show them to my colleagues. I agree with many speakers: Russian consumer is ready to change his food rations and eat healthy products such as products based on vegetable raw materials. I think, they’re the future», - Galina Kuraeva, head technologist of the company «MolProduct», shared her opinion.

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