18 June 2019

President of the Russian Academy of Science visited Innovation center «Biruch-NT»

18 June 2019, Belgorod region, Russia – President of the Russian Academy of Science Alexander Sergeev visited EFKO Group’s research center in Belgorod region and held a working meeting on creation of a scientific and educational center in the region that will deal with innovations in agriculture.

_MG_2739.jpgIn the coming years in Russian regions there will be about 15 world-class scientific and research centers. Their purpose is to unify science, education and business to create breakthrough technologies. Vladimir Putin assigned such a task in the May Decree.

Belgorod region has been for many years one of the five strongest agrarian regions of the country thanks to the innovative component – it is planned to create one of the first scientific and educational centers here.

Within the business trip president of the Russian Academy of Science Alexander Sergeev and governor of Belgorod region Evgeny Savchenko visited Innovation center «Biruch-NT» that is specialized in development of technological solutions in such promising sectors as food and feed biotechnologies, feed products for farm animals.

_MG_2782.jpgIrina Tarasova, CEO of «Biruch-NT», conducted a tour of the key scientific departments and laboratories, told about projects on production of protected fats and fermented soybean meal and showed the work of selective and genetic center of cattle where scientists of the company work. The guests highly estimated modern equipment and technologies used by EFKO Group as well as its contribution to the development of Russian innovations.

According to Alexander Sergeev, «before representatives of the real economy sector dealt with applied researches, now they dig into science and assign tasks to do fundamental researches. I’m convinced with this personally after the visit to EFKO research center, - he noted. – This trend is correct because creation of innovations at such a high level will provide the most sustainable and strongest competitive advantages to our business at the world market».

Moreover, universities that will prepare quality human resources also play an important role in the effective work of the scientific and educational center. Today EFKO Group realizes projects together with Belgorod State university.

«Human resources are knowledge and skills relevant to the modern technological culture. Invest money earned by business is one thing. But how we should organize the work so that these human resources would be multiplied is another big task», - president of the Russian Academy of Science resumed.

_MG_2789.jpg«There is a quality scientific potential in the region. Today we have had an opportunity to visit a number of large enterprises that possess powerful innovative departments. We have great hopes for collaboration with the Academy. Development of agricultural production of our region and our country in general depends on the efficiency of the created scientific and educational center», - governor Evgeny Savchenko emphasized.

In the end of the meeting scientific and business sectors were entrusted with the tasks related to the selection of projects that are able to give innovative products in the future. Among specific production directions of the work of the center in Belgorod region there are selection in plant and animal breeding, ecology, storage and processing of agricultural products, digitalization and robotization of the agro-industrial complex etc.

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