4 July 2019

«Violio» brand products got the international award «Innovation product 2019»

4 July 2019, Moscow, Russia – Sunflower oil and vegetable cream «Violio» produced by EFKO Group – one of the largest Russian food products producers, became winners of the VI international award «Innovation product 2019».

Виолио Violio премия 1.png«Innovation product of the year» is the largest in the world contest on consumer goods production. It was established about 30 years ago in France and today is organized in 40 countries for one purpose – make consumers familiar with the best novelties of the market.

In Russia the award «Innovation product of the year» means that over 3000 families in the country - that appreciate not only quality but also innovative approach to the production – voted for the products. Participants of the contest are the largest transnational and federal companies - FMCG-producers (food, personal hygiene facilities, perfumery etc). The winner of each category is chosen according to the national research conducted by the company «Tiburon Research».

EFKO Group puts a lot of efforts to develop new products, modernize equipment and train its employees. For the company the most important thing is not only to make a good product but also deliver it quickly and conveniently to a consumer.

Within developing of each novelty, technologists study the best world practices, take into account preferences of each customer, make additional changes in recipes and acquaint consumers with truly innovative products of high quality. Such an approach is well appreciated.

When new brand «Violio» products joined the market, the company made an informed decision to trust the opinion of its customers at all stages: from content to packaging.

As a result, EFKO Group became a winner of the international award «Innovation product 2019», representing at the same time two novelties – «Violio» sunflower oil with grape seed oil added and cream based on vegetable oils of the same brand.

«Violio» oil, like any other sunflower oil, contains Omega-6 acids, polyunsaturated fats and E vitamin. But only grape seed oil contains an exceptional number of tocotrienols – strongest antioxidants that maintain normal work of immune system.

Development of «Violio» vegetable cream was based on the best principles of the plant-based diet, therefore it doesn’t contain any milk, there are only healthy vegetable fats. Within the selection there were innovative for Russian market tastes – with Extra Virgin olive oil and basil, with lime and avocado oil.

In the future EFKO Group is going to widen this line by adding other products with unusual tastes and healthy content.

«The trends are the following: more and more consumers prefer products that correspond to the values of healthy diet. The title of «Innovation product 2019» confirms again that our development strategy is correct. It gives us strength for new achievements. Every innovation we have isn’t born without inquiring mind of our consumers and we sincerely thank them for this», - Evgeny Shulepov, director of the Branded Products Division of EFKO Group, noted.

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