31 July 2019

One of the largest retailers of Russian goods to Chine visited «EFKO Cosmetic»

31 July 2019, Voronezh, Russia – Chinese delegation Shandong Yuxi Instruments Co. Ltd. China, one of the largest retailers of Russian goods to China, visited production of «EFKO Cosmetic». The companies are considering export of laundry and toilet soap to the People’s Republic of China.

Cosmetic China 1.JPGGeography of cooperation of «EFKO Cosmetic» is growing rapidly and the company is ready to cultivate new markets. At the moment, it is one of the very few Russian enterprises producing household chemicals that represented its products at the international exhibition Russian-Chinese EXPO-2019 in Harbin.

Production standards and the opportunity to use only natural ingredients and flavoring agents are attractive to Chinese market. Today, classic multinational brands are in demand between the average consumers but are very expensive in the PRC. To understand how the quality management in Russia works and how production of soap products is arranged, Shandong Yuxi Instruments Co. Ltd. China delegation, which is one of the Top-3 largest retailers of Russian goods to China (according to the Russian Export Center), paid a reciprocal visit to «EFKO Cosmetic» production area.

PRC representatives became familiar with the assortment of output products of «EFKO Cosmetic», visited its workshops and highly appreciated technological equipment of the plant.

The project to improve the area in Voronezh region EFKO Group started in 2015. Within this period the production was significantly modernized: new workshops were built, new modern equipment was purchased, EFKO soap-making assets were removed from Alexeevka, Belgorod region.

Cosmetic China 3.JPGAs a result, a high-tech complex producing household chemicals was created on the territory of Voronezh region. Building of the continuous saponification workshop that the company launched in 2018 became one of the most significant investments. In contrast to the boiler method of soap-making, which was used previously and is still used by many Russian enterprises, the new line will let «EFKO Cosmetic» make a product of stably high quality and reduce duration of the production cycle by ten folds. Thanks to the innovative approach and technical equipment of the workshops, the company produces over 80 sku of laundry, bar toilet and liquid soap.

The work of the Center of applied researches of soap products of «EFKO Cosmetic» aroused special interest of the guests. Here the specialists develop and test new recipes including the products of «green» household chemicals.

«Today, we export our soap to Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belarus, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan. We hope that collaboration with Shandong Yuxi Instruments Co. Ltd. China will not only help us to expand the geography but also show PRC’s consumers the quality alternative to usual goods. Our ambitions connected with Chinese market will be satisfied when we manage to reach the level of supplies of many thousands», - Oxana Degtyareva, director of development of soap products sales of the company, noted.

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