2 August 2019

Leading employees of the confectionary factory «Slavyanka» visited «EFKO Food Ingredients» LLC

2 August 2019, Alexeevka, Russia – EFKO Group, leader of specialized fats and margarines market in Russia and EEU counties, organized a seminar for specialists of the confectionary factory «Slavyanka». The guests visited the plant producing specialized fats and margarines and the Center of applied researches.

семинар славянка 1.jpgWithin the excursion to the production area located in Alexeevka, Belgorod region, the guests became familiar with all stages of Fat&Oil products production, visited the workshop of pilot installations and R&D-center where specialists of the company develop and test products taking into account requirements of the partners.

«I’ve visited EFKO plant producing specialized fats and margarines for the first time. It created a positive impression upon me. Everything is in a clean and sanitary condition. Almost all processes are automated and the work is arranged. I was curious to see with my own eyes a fractionation workshop, packaging… Thanks to visiting of the workshop of pilot installations we could learn in detail all stages of food ingredients production. We thank the employees of the company for such an informative and interesting excursion», - Marina Logacheva, head engineer-technologist of «Slavyanka» Group, shared her impressions.

After visiting of the production and R&D-center the guests participated in a business part of the seminar where they discussed current topics of the sector. EFKO specialists told how to choose fats for production of glazes, made practical recommendations for choosing of filling fat. The topic on the world trends in confectionary and baking industry didn’t escape the attention of the participants. Evgenia Potekina, manager of technological support of sales of EFKO Group, told about modern tendencies of the sector and represented to the guests new recipes of confectionary products.

«For the moment, more and more consumers are eager to try products with curious tastes, interested in new offers, want to experiment. Besides, there are more and more followers of healthy lifestyle who strive to be on a healthy and balanced diet, prefer products with a «clean label». After analyzing of the tendencies of customer behavior, specialists of our company have developed unique recipes of confectionary products that can extend significantly the assortment of output products», - Evgenia Potekina noted.

Final products made by Group’s technologists were represented to the guests within testing. Participants of the seminar highly appreciated products based on EFKO specialized fats and margarines – pistachio biscuit with almond made with rice flour, sweets of «assorty» type with unusual taste, rye waffles etc.

семинар славянка 5.jpg«I liked rye waffles the most! Rye flour and unsweetened filling with taste of blue Dor Blue cheese surprise with unusual for a confectionary product combination. Besides, food fibres and lack of sugar let position them as a product for healthy diet – that is another advantage. Thanks a lot that you share with us such interesting ideas», - Oxana Brusentseva, chief of technological service of chocolate direction of «Slavyanka» Group, told.

Organization of scientific, practical and educational seminars is an essential part of technological support that EFKO provides to its partners. Participation in them let keep clients informed about novelties of the assortment of Fat&Oil ingredients and possibilities of applying them, main tendencies of food industry development as well as extend the line of produced goods by adding unique products developed together with Group’s specialists.

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