9 August 2019

EFKO Group warns of fraudulent activities

EFKO Group – a vertically integrated holding, one of the Top-3 enterprises of the food industry that provide food safety of the RF, informs partners and clients about attempts to use the names of its divisions and employees for fraudulent purposes in mailing of bills and contracts.

In 2019 there were fraudulent activities. Clients and partners received e-mails with commercial proposals for supplying of «Sloboda» brand products and products of processing: oils and meals.

Also there was an agreement as if on behalf of EFKO Group but the contact details were fake (ООО «ЭФКО», ИНН 7703470299, КПП 770301001, 123242, г. Москва, ул. Заморёнова, д.9 стр 2 пом.1 к.6 or Sales Department of the Fat&Oil Division, EFKO Management Company, Voronezh Office, phone: +74732029012, е-mail: info@td-efko.com, soya@td-efko.com) and had nothing to do with the company. The bills didn’t correspond to the company’s rules of document workflow.

Besides, in the Internet there were «clones» of EFKO Group’s and «Sloboda» official web sites: https://sloboda-oil.ru/, http://efko.ru.com/index.html, http://efko.ru.

We inform that EFKO Group keeps business correspondence only on the official letterforms with current contact details. E-mail communication is realized only from the corporative servers. To mislead the frauds used the name of the real employee from the Oil raw materials division of the company – Artur Gruschenko. However the card of the manager with the following information: Grischenko Artur Vyacheslavovich, specialist of the Oil raw materials division, EFKO management company, tel. +79299350838, a.grishenko@td-efko.com – is fake. This employee doesn’t work with supplies of «Sloboda» brand products. Moreover, in the company there is no CEO of «EFKO» LLC Cherbunin A.V.

The only official web site of the Group in Russia is www.efko.ru. Web sites of its other companies are presented in the section «Все сайты компании» (http://www.efko.ru/sites/). Any other web sites don’t belong to EFKO Group.

If the company changes its contact details, it makes the mailing in advance or sends a notarized letter on the official letterform. It’s strongly recommended to check the authenticity of the information at the official resources of the Federal Tax Service.

To prevent any possible material damage or personal data loss we recommend you to pay attention to the next signs that you’re dealing with frauds:

1. Parameters of the bargain differ from the market ones: they offer you to buy or sell large volumes at a too favorable price.
2. Before the official signing of the contract, they claim to transfer them money to pay for some services.
3. For money transfer they offer the account of a natural person.

Recently, in the Internet there have been some fake web sites, banner advertisement created for fraudulent activities that position themselves as information resources of EFKO Group or use information from the official web sites of its companies.

Besides, there have been some information resources which titles are similar to the titles of EFKO projects but they have nothing to do with them. EFKO Group reserves the right to take measures of the legal effect to suppress any fraudulent activities of violators and unfair market insiders.

We kindly ask you to be careful when you choose a counterparty. If you have got an agreement, offer or appeal from any suspected person, please inform us sending a e-mail to our press-center: v.lynova@efko.ru

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