14 August 2019

EFKO Group represented creative recipes at the seminar for confectionary factory «Bayan Sulu»

14 August 2019, Kostanay, Kazakhstan – EFKO Group, leader of specialized fats and margarines market in Russia and EEU countries, organized a seminar on the base of confectionary factory «Bayan Sulu». Within the event, leading employees of the Group discussed topical issues of the sector, told about its assortment of Fat&Oil products and represented final products based on them.

баян сулу семинар 2.jpgFor many years «Bayan Sulu» has occupied one of the leading positions at the market of confectionary products of Kazakhstan, constantly improved production technologies and increased capacities by developing new product lines. There is long-standing partnership between EFKO and the factory: for over 10 years the Group has supplied for «Bayan Sulu» high quality specialized fats providing unique complex of technological support.

Outside seminars based on the enterprises are one of the modes of interaction where EFKO specialists make reports on topical issues of the sector, share research results, give practical recommendations to search and implement food ingredients in the production.

At the seminar based on confectionary factory «Bayan Sulu» employees of the Group touched on a number of important topics: world tendencies in the sector of innovative food products production, trends and characteristics of customer behavior at the confectionary market, told about EFKO assortment of Fat&Oil products and gave practical recommendations to search fats for fillings, glazes etc.

«Willing of modern consumers to taste something new, to experiment encourages producers to invent new shapes of confectionary products, work on unusual combinations maintaining at the same time high quality of produced goods. Technologists of our company developed recipes of confectionary products with unique tastes that will pleasantly surprise consumer», - Evgenia Potekina, manager of sales technological support of EFKO Group, told.

The guests could evaluate final products within tasting. Technologists of the Group made 8 types of confectionary products based on EFKO specialized fats and margarines especially for the seminar: ginger and pistachio biscuit, glazed waffles with citrus fiber, several types of «assorti» sweets etc.

The guests liked nut sweets based on confectionary fat «Ecomix 1703-26» the most. This Fat&Oil product with barrier properties is designed for production of fillings with high content of nut raw materials. It provides excellent organoleptic parameters of final products. The body of the sweet is made with glaze based on cacao butter equivalent «Equilad 0301-34» - high-tech premium-class fat that prevents eutectics and fat bloom on the surface of confectionary products. The company designed this product in 2014 and it’s still the only Russian producer of cacao butter equivalent.

At the moment, «Bayan Sulu» supplies its products to Germany, China, CIS countries and produces over 300 types of confectionary products – most of them are made with EFKO food ingredients. There is every chance that after the seminar the factory will extend its assortment with new unusual products.

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