19 September 2019

«EFKO Food Ingredients» LLC reaffirmed high quality of its products

19 September 2019, Alexeevka, Russia – EFKO Group, leader of specialized fats and margarines market in Russia and EEU countries, reaffirmed high level of correspondence of «EFKO Food Ingredients» production area to the strictest requirements of the International Food Standard.

сертификат ЭПИ.jpgAudit of the plant producing specialized fats and margarines took place in Alexeevka, Belgorod region, during 5 days. The result was the following: the independent foreign expert on certification assigned the highest level of correspondence to the area.

International Food Standard is an authoritative international standard of safety for enterprises of the food industry. Following its requirements establishes a unified system of mutual assessment between sellers, suppliers and producers of food products. The standard is based on HACCP principles and ISO 9001, widely used in Austria, Sweden, Poland, Italy and other countries. International Food Standard guarantees that food products correspond to all necessary requirements of quality and safety, gives producers a preferential right to be suppliers of global corporations and access to the largest world trading network.

«EFKO Food ingredients» LLC underwent IFS certification in 2006 and became the only Russian enterprise which production corresponds to the strictest requirements of the standard. Since then, the plant in Alexeevka has affirmed annually the level of compliance.

The system of quality management existing at enterprises of the Group is highly estimated not only by the leading foreign auditors but also by national experts. In the end of the last year «EFKO Food Ingredients» LLC became a laureate of the Russian Federation Government Award for quality – the highest state award in this sector.

«Production of high quality products from the very beginning was our main target and each production stage – from raw materials receiving to shipment to consumers – is strictly controlled by specialists. Independent audit examinations affirming high quality and safety of production and specialized fats and margarines of EFKO show again that confidence of our partners is absolutely justified», - Oleg Harlanov, director of the Fat&Oil Division of EFKO Group, noted.

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