10 September 2019

EFKO Group held the first seminar for distributers

10 September 2019, Taman, Russia – EFKO Group, leader of specialized fats and margarines market in Russia and EEU countries, held a seminar for top-managers of 16 large distribution companies from 13 regions of Russia. Within the event, guests visited production area in Taman seaport, Krasnodar Krai, and got acquainted with new objects of the plant.

IMG_8864 семинар мжд.jpgTraditionally, the lecture became the first part of the seminar: leading specialists of the Group told about assortment of EFKO Fat&Oil products and its advantages, quality management system acting at the productions and peculiarities of logistic system of the company. Dmitry Hodykin, business analyst of EFKO Group, within his presentation told about advantages of collaboration with the holding and directions of improving the efficiency of supply chains.

«For us it is very important that relationship with partners were transparent and comfortable for both parts while all communications – quick. Digitalization is one of the methods to make a business model even more effective. For example, now we are working to create an online shop. It will be easy: you will leave an application on our website and we will send you necessary volume of products at a convenient time. It is only one of the projects directed to increasing of efficiency of our communications with partners», - Dmitry Hodykin noted.

Tasting of final products made with EFKO specialized fats and margarines became another important part of the seminar. Technologists of the Group especially for the event prepared a range of confectionary and baking products. Unusual chak-chak based on lemon peel and honey, three types of soufflé, rye crisp breads and twisters, Stollen and other confectionaries made on the base of the Center of applied researches of the company according to unique recipes were highly estimated by the partners.

IMG_8912 семинар мжд.jpg«To be honest I can’t leave «Kurabie» cookies. It is an amazing idea to cook three types of such cookies using different margarines of your company to demonstrate how organoleptic parameters can change with the use of one or another product. I’ll make a note of it», - Natalia Perfilieva, Trading House «Rodnoy krai Belgorod» LLC, shared her impressions.

Excursion to «Food Ingredients» LLC became a final part of the event. The participants got acquainted with all stages of production of Fat&Oil products, saw the plant after the large-scale modernization visiting a new fully robotized packaging and storing complex and a packaging warehouse. It should be noted that from this year the plant in Taman seaport apart from specialized fats and margarines has started to produce universal margarines that are in a high demand both in Russia and CIS countries.

«Food Ingredients» LLC working since 2008 is a large asset of EFKO Group in the South of Russia and the most modern and technological Fat&Oil production in the Eastern Europe. The unique in Russia deep-water marine terminal in Taman provides logistic advantages to the plant that other players of Russian market do not have.

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